Axe Polls Now!

We’ve done our best to escape the unrelenting misery heaped on us by Damien Rice, David Gray, but, come the recession, back come the woe-is-me brigade.  According to a survey in this morning’s Herald AM, 100% of respondents claimed they had experienced bullying in the workplace.  Yes, 100%.  That’s everyone. Now, I don’t know what the […]

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My Lovely Horsey Weekend

JOHNNIE CRAIG GOES WITHOUT MODERN TECHNOLOGY (From Evening Herald HQ article “Cheap Tricks”, 16th April 2009) Day one: I wake up to my youngest daughter singing Barbie’s annoyingly catchy dirge (I Feel) Connected.  Barbie is, of course, the ultimate consumer chick, but we’re having none of that this weekend. Our challenge is to have three […]

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The National Affront

No doubt, people will be organising little office stakes for the Grand National today; you may drop some cash into the hat, believing that this just a bit of harmless fun, pass it off as a little flutter.  Well, it’s not.  It’s complicity in a barbaric, heartless and cruel “sport” which yesterday, the first day of the Aintree […]

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C.S.I. Carrick-On-Suir

*SPOILER ALERT FOR PROBABLE FORTHCOMING TV DRAMA* Just when I thought that Dublin life was getting far too dangerous and violent, I read with horror in the Nationalist And Munster Advertiser that rural life is even more precarious.   It seems that residents of a Carrick-On-Suir house were wakened in the small hours by a “hoody wearing youth climbing on […]

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The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson

How to bring up children without lifting a finger Sunday Business Post, 29 March 2009 In your darkest moments, raising children can feel like a thankless task. You work your fingers to the bone to feed, clothe and shelter them. You spend the remainder of your waking hours ‘interacting’ with them. Then, by the time […]

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