Joachim Loew – Style God

It’s been an odd World Cup.  I’ve wanted to write screeds about it but it’s outfoxed me at every level.  Through flowing, stinging tears, I typed furiously about the operatic tragedy that was Italy’s early exit but reading it back, I realised that I couldn’t separate my arias from my elbow.  I’ll leave that one for now.

There is, however, one aspect that has delighted me beyond words, and has become something I look forward to more and more as the rounds go on.  It is, of course, the excitement, the momentous, nail-biting anticipation, followed by the staggering, awe-inspiring revelation of what Germany manager Joachim Loew will be clad in.  Let me state for the record that this is not backhanded praise based on the fact that his skillful young squad humped and dumped The English* out of the tournament; let’s just look at the evidence:

So far, Loew has combined a beautiful, fitted black suit with a (shirtless) lightweight, blue v-neck jumper; next he looked resplendent in a tight black cardigan over a white, v-neck vest; then, in round 3 of the first phase, on a chilly night against Ghana, he warmed the bench with a glossy black greatcoat, worn over a crisp white shirt and finished with a grey, looped scarf.  The man truly is a style God.  It’s hard to believe that Italy coach Marcello Lippi remained stuck under layers of garish sports/leisurewear while a German rival was tanning his arse in the fashion stakes.

Of course, what elevates Loew from mere notable fashion follower to style icon is the fact that his trusted assistant coach Hansi Flick turns out in exactly the same gear at every match.  Just before Germany’s 4-1 massacre of The English*, the BBC’s commentator somewhat disparagingly suggested that Loew and Flick really ought to ring each other before going out for a match.  If anything, it made the result all the sweeter – that England’s band of lumbering, overpaid thugs and thicks had been outwitted and outclassed on the pitch by what looked like a pair of camp interior designers.

Naturally, I am throwing my inconsiderable support behind Germany now.  Much as Maradona’s player-mauling antics make him the rough-and-tumble choice for many neutrals, I cannot wait to see what outfits Messrs Loew and Flick (who clearly have the best surnames of any double-act anywhere in the world) turn out in next, as they try to send Argentina back to that large continent just across from the Falkland Islands.  Me, I’m making sure my fanboy tight black cardie and white vest are nice and clean for the occasion.

* Since the BBC and ITV (and even RTÉ, strangely) have some kind of problem with saying “Germany”, and only refer to that nation as “The Germans” (surely some Fawlty Towers-related throwback), I am now only referring to the national football team of that country south of Scotland as “The English”Not that I need to refer to them any more, of course.


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  1. Jogi Loew is a German badass! In 2006 he was pushed into the shadow by Klinsmann, but not anymore. Loew is here and I welcome his fashion everyday. It’s nice to see that not every coach looks as though he is attending a funeral…the World Cup is a celebration! Of course, unless you’re from England.

  2. He is gorgeous and so effortlessly stylish and cool. He’s a great role model for all guys over 35 on how not to let themselves go. I also love that he has been married to the same woman for 25 years. I’m ashamed to admit that I had expected a better looking mate for him. Have you seen his wife?? I was shocked when I saw her. I feel bad for her – she is overweight and frumpy and matronly looking and she looks much older than him. Homegirl needs to step up her game and work on looking as good as her hubby – she needs an extreme makeover : plastic surgery , lipo, facelift etc. – or else she is gonna lose him. Having seen his wife I can say that he makes a better couple with his assistant coach. Does this make me shallow?

    1. Talia,

      I agree with you. I fell in love with gorgeous Joachim when watching the World Cup – wow wow – what a hunk! Love the way he dresses and keeps himself so well groomed and well dressed. Love the fact he doesnt like to mingle in with the crowd (like 99% of the British men who cant dress for toffee). I would love to marry him and have become a little obsessed I must say. The first thing I noticed was his magnificant hair and his eyes send me into another world (are they blue – so so intense and amazing). Love his body underneath those tight sweatshirts – I can only imagine how toned he is – not bad at all for a 50year old. If only British guys looked like that. I’m half tempted to take German language lessons and take a trip over there just to meet gorgeous German guys like that (but its him who I want really!) Do you live in England Talia – do you fancy a trip to Freiberg (thats where he lives apparently)? I agree about the wife – why doesnt he pick me to be his wife.. There are rumous that he has a bit of a sham of a marriage but is really bisexual. I wouldnt date a married guy but must admit I would be very tempted to knee down for him!! Soz, I do get worked up about Jogi – who can blame us with ‘Milk Tray’ type looks like that. Feel free to reply as there arn’t that many Jogi appreciative fans out there – cant think why? Sue

      1. It’s good to meet someone that understands….I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner but I have been uber busy with work and semi private foreign language classes and trying to organize a holiday to North Africa that appears to be falling apart with each passing minute. I am not in the UK, I live in the US. I actually have a close German friend who lives near Cologne and wants me to come visit at some point – I’ve asked if we can plan some Jogi stalking. If you ever plan your trip to Freiberg I’m game especially since my Plan A is collapsing…I have time and money but no destination….
        Anyway – is my despair showing? – I adore Jogi!!! I call him the Teutonic Sex God and the Sensual Swabian.
        He’s a mysterious one. Supposedly he keeps his private life super private and doesn’t even reveal his favorite movies or music or shares his politics. Good move I’d say. I’d like to imagine him being this uber cool German hipster listening to Kraftwerk and Can and Einsturzende Neubauten on his ipod, staying in for the night to watch an evening of Wim Wenders better films, playing the role of an angel in a remake of Wings of Desire….but noooooooooo…watch him be a devotee of David Hasselhoff and Lady Gaga and he probably likes Adam Sandler movies or something equally ghastly.
        His wife – aka The Teutonic Susan Boyle – certainly doesn’t look like a hipster. What can they possibly have in common? i’ve seen pics of him training for marathons and swimming in the ocean – and yes he is very fit – and let’s just say, its obvious Frau Loew takes the elevator to the second floor and not the stairs. Nor is she missing many meals or letting food go to waste at the all you can eat buffet.Did you notice he NEVER wears a wedding band??? I have yet to see a picture of him with a wedding band. Symbolic ?? Where did you hear the rumors that he is bisexual??

  3. Talia – I suspect you know the answer is ‘yes’ to that question. But I completely agree, he and Hansi do look quite lovely together…

  4. I feel terrible for betraying the sisterhood and totally trashing another woman but come on… my mom would say, you never let yourself go and always try to look your best no matter what (i.e. don’t leave the house without your makeup on, your hair nicely done, nice outfit because you never know who you will run into) . If a man is gonna cheat he is going to cheat but why give him a reason to look elsewhere? Jogi Loew might be the Teutonic Sex & style God but his wife is the Teutonic Susan Boyle. Seriously, I had no idea they had Wal Marts in Germany because she looks like a loyal shopper. Maybe I went too far in suggesting plastic surgery but she should atleast get to the gym more and hire the people who dress her hubby to supervise her wardrobe as well. Jogi is also a spokesmodel for Nivea products for men – couldn’t he get some products at cost for his wife to use?? I mean, really?? Anyway, I guess I’m just jealous that she has him. But he still looks better with Hansi : )

  5. i love joachim loew soooooooo much.he is sooo lovely and handsome.i think he has great personality and a very kind heart i think he is a little similar to great michael jackson.and he is a true family man cause he is living for 25 year with his wife although she isnt beautifull and looks older than him.i think he care about her personality.and about hansi. he is a little cute boy.both are soooooooo sweet.yumy yumy

  6. I like Loew since he was an assistant for Klinsi in WC 2006…especially now after he demand the Germany into a compact and solid team that i’ve ever seen in WC 2010…
    He is smart, brilliant, cool, low profile and has a good style that makes different with another coach 😀 love him so much!!!! ^^,
    most of all, he is a wonderful husband for his wife….hmmm,how lucky she is… i wish i had wkwkwkwkwkwk

  7. ahahahah :)) i like your post 😀 his God and match-with-assistant style worth good so far for Germany.. so hail yeah for his stylish act on the bench 😀

  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! he is very very hot n stylish,m a 17yr old girl n have fallen in love with him,he is a heartthrob,though m supporter of brazil still because of him this time i supported only only germany coz i wanted loew to win rather than the german you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love the post, and I agree with every single word! He is an amazing coach, and he’s so sexy! I wish i had a blog during the world cup so that I could write about him! Him and the German team shall win the Euros 2012 🙂 I hope so, so that we could see him more often 🙂

    1. Like you Evatarma, I defo think Germany will win the 2012 the way they are going – and what a bonus to see more of the gorgeous Jogi – wouldn’t it be nice to make him extra happy!

  10. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anyone want a trip over to Germany to meet Jogi lookalikes.
    Apparently Freiberg where he lives is a beautiful place (near to France and Switzerland) and right in Black Forest Gateau land – sounds like heaven.

    If not, keep those replies coming – nice to know I’m not alone in appreciating the gorgeous God like creature that is Jogi Loew. Wow!!

  12. Sue, do you think I should turn part of this blog into a sort of speculative dating travel agency? I might even do an article calling for Joachim lookalikes from Germany to get in touch…

    1. Hi Johnnie – yes thats a good idea – if I cant have the real Jogi I may have to settle for a lookalike (although that saddens me a little that I cant have gorgeous Jogi).

      At the moment the thought of getting together a group of people to go to Germany and meet gorgeous Jogi German lookalikes seems very appealing – shall I start saving my pennies for travelling? Anybody else fancy a trip to Germany?
      P.S. Did you know there is Germany v Turkey tonight on ESPN at 22.00hrs. I will be watching for sure!

      Great suggestions Johnnie. I dont know why I have a thing for Germans – I think its the accent, the good looks and their exacting nature – although I havnt been lucky enough to go out with one (Im nearly 47 but look much younger) but feel I dont want to waste any more time.


    2. I suggest perhaps doing a post of the many, many Jogi lookalikes (including many celebrities) that were shown during the WC. The most common one – and my personal choice – is Brett Anderson of Suede. But he was also widely compared to Kyle Maclachlan – currently seen as Orson on Desperate Housewives and forever assaociated as David Lynch’s quintessential leading man – Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Dune…also mentioned were Chris Noth aka Mr. Big from Sex & The City and Law & Order; Peter Gallagher aka Sandy Cohen on The OC; American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (The Civil War) during the WC there were tons of lookalikes popping up all over the place. He was even compared to Charlie Sheen. I think Rob Lowe the American TV actor was asked if was related to Jogi and he said, no but I think he looks just like Charlie Sheen.

    3. Jon, your earlier offer to turn the blog into a speculative dating travel agency calling for Jogi lookalikes from Germany to get in touch sounds a terrific idea!

    1. Check out the Windswept video that was directed by the great Derek Jarman. It’s not too much of a stretch to visualize 80’s era Byan Ferry looking like a total ringer of our Teutonic honey. The video is a sumptuous, decadent, elegant treat…captured as only the late gret Jarman could do…Its so sexy, I think i just got pregnant from repeated viewings. of the clip seriously its very well done….my ovaries are doing this weird mating dance on their own. Oh Jogi…wherefore are thou, Jogi???

  13. …and/or corresponding (and of course seeing pictures) of Jogi lookalikes/Germans would be good. Try before you buy if you see what I mean.

  14. ah my Gosh!!! I adore that guy. he’s just too cute, so adorable, effortlessly stylish and looking. he looks even hotter when he’s angry 😉 🙂 I can say he just super-perfect for a 50year old ❤ I'm obsessed, he's actually breathtaking. everything in him tempts me his hair, eyes, tight pants, blue sweater, and the elegant scarf xxx *faint*

  15. *and good-looking (I just lose it all when I talk about him, I usually get so excited that I mistype) 🙂 😉 😀

  16. btw, I think all the girls here should join our fan-club on Facebook … you’ll surely love it !!! we’re all Jogi-obsessed *LOL*
    many lovely photos, all the recent news and interviews 😀 here’s the link all you’ve to do is to just click the “join” button 😉 [that’s of course of you’re already on Facebook]

  17. I wil def check out on Facebook – Ive just joined Facebook. I agree Shymaa completely with what you say – the style, those tight pants, the eyes which send me off somewhere else, that gorgeous hair, the pecs underneath those sweaters and suits, saw the Germany game the other night and he was hot hot hot! What are we going to do – I’m obsessed and need that man! Why cant he marry me instead of still being with his wife of 25 years. Love him!

  18. Talia,
    Dont worry about being busy – sometimes I dont look at my messages daily! Jogi stalking – a lovely prospect and Freiberg looks like a stunning place that he lives (black forest gateau land, nr. Switzerland and France) – seems like a very well thought out destination to live – I imagine Jogi to be quite an intellegent, level headed man (which adds to his appeal), I managed to get a glimpse also of his magnificant upper body taking his shirt off (I imagined him to have a hairy chest which doesnt usually appeal to me but I was v pleasantly surprised that he didnt seem to have any of that) but had a very finely tuned body – fab and a very fine looking specimen indeed – absolutely perfect perfect! I’m not sure whether a lovely trip to Germany and/or including Freiberg to spot the gorgeous Jogi would make me more frustrated in the fact he can never be mine – or do I cling on to the romantic notion that our eyes might meet on a chance visit and he will experience love at first sight – ohh ahhh I suspect this will never be but would welcome any suggestions/ideas of trying to see him in the flesh!! He does seem to lead a very private life (and indeed does Frau Loew – nobody seems to know anything about her) thats what makes me suspect this marriage might be one of convenience – maybe she has become like a comfy pair of slippers/or they married sooo young and she was completely different looking then and he feels he cant leave her, or its a bit of cover up for him to look happily married and have other ‘little discretions’ with women and possibly men – I read on a blog they think he may be into men as well – this may explain the ‘marriage of convenience’. Oh I so would love to be Mrs Loew..I saw a pic of Mr & Mrs Loew sitting in a cafe eating dinner – she looked much bigger than him – as I’ve never seen them standing together I wonder if she may be much taller than him.. what does he see in her indeed – a mystery!! I know a lot of men dont wear wedding bands but this just makes me think is he having the odd ‘discretion’ Unless of course he is just a completely nice man who would never leave his wife – that makes him an even bigger catch!! Since seeing him at the WC I have dusted down my Kraftwerk/Depeche Mode CDs as this music deffo appeals to the Germans. ‘Being Boiling’ by Human League is particularly Germanic! What are we to do? I try and get him out of my head but I’m becomming a little obsessive about him – he is soooooooooooo charismatic and perfectly gorgeous – I would be in absolute heaven if I were with him…..

    1. I’ve seen pictures of them together and she is not tall – she is in fact, quite a bit shorter than he is. My guess is she was probably the cuter one when they hooked up. I’ve seen pics of him when he was younger and he was kind of a doofus. Age is not only a cruel mistress – it is also very fickle: we’ve all seen couples where one partner has become a swan with the passage of time and the other, formerly attractive partner has turned into a troll. In the Loews’ case, it is the Frau who should be under the bridge. *sigh* I know what you mean about his appeal being even stronger because he stays with this wife. I wouldn’t find him as appealing if he turned out to be another middle aged jerk who ran off with some bimbo. If he runs off with you or me that would be okay though *haha*.

  19. ..and I’m curious to know why he and his wife havnt had children – I dont want to sound harsh but it seems a real waste that his gorgeous looks/eyes/talent hasnt been passed down – what a waste… If HE can have children I’m defo up for volunteering to help him out.. before its too late for me… Oh the thought..

  20. For those of you already living in Europe – especially EU citizens – sorry, Talia you said you live in the US, if that also means US citizenship count yourself out here! Currently uefa on their webpage are hiring for euro2012. As Germany already have 12/12 points it’s a fair guess they’ll get there – with a certain coach in tow!!! So, why not apply for jobs if you want to meet him – official passes and a month “officially” with Jogi?

    1. *sobs* this is not fair!!! I don’t have the same opportunities as the European based Jogi-ettes!!

      anyway, how do you say “restraining order” in German? : ) if i ever show up in Freiburg the local law enforcment might be waiting for me with said order to stay away from its most famous citizen.

      1. a better German phrase might be: “hubscheste” – it means “most handsome” -I can see it being of more use!

  21. Do some (basic) maths why you say “they married soooo young….” He turned 50 in February 2010 and has been married 24 years – so he must have married in 1986, aged 26! That, by most people’s standards, is not “… soooo young….” (well, they weren’t teenagers). I don’t know how old his wife is, but I’d guess, similar age.

    1. I’ve seen her and she has to be older. She has really bad skin and discolored teeth – then again she is apparently a smoker so that could have aged her prematurely but nah….I saw a picture of her from 1995 and she looked to be about 50 back then.

    2. P.P.S. May be my situation may change whereby I can live in SW Germany and teach etc in a year or two but I may have gone crazy with frustration before then…..and as I say, if I met him what would I do as he aint gonna leave his wife..and may not want me anyway…I’m still incredibly open to suggestions though as I want him sooo much.

  22. One final thought for 2011 summer holidays – if you don’t want arresting by Freiburg’s finest – but do want a spot of Jogi-spotting combined with sprachen-sie-Deutsch learning: Freiburg has an exceptionally nice university which I’m sure does wonderful German language courses for beginners in the summer to make money whilst the undergrads are back with mummy and daddy. You could holiday, learn German, Jogistalk, and not get arrested to your heart’s content!

  23. Language course at University of Freiburg: Whether you go in March, August or Sept. cost is Euros 580 (510 pounds) which includes 64 hours instruction; course materials; monthly bus/tram ticket for Freiburg area (useful on “sightseeing” excursions); and, you can eat in student cafe at student rates (meal = 3 Euros). Basic accommodation for month = Euros 270 (238 pounds) private facilities room costs more.
    For March course: Register 15 Dec. 2010 – 31 Jan. 2011.
    For August course: Register 15 Feb. 2011 – 30 July 2011. Register for accommodation from 2 March.
    For Sept. course: Register 15 April 2011 – 31 July 2011. Register for accommodation from 2 March.

  24. Now I’ve given you some options – working at the Euros in 2012 or going to University of Freiburg I expect to hear some progress reports! Come on!

  25. If I don’t hear some progress reports I’m going to start posting pictures of Frau Low or Lothar Matthaus! So, get you acts together!

  26. On my goodness, thanks so much for finding out this stuff. Trouble is I work 4 days a week in London as a PA and the only way I could do this is to quit my job to spend a significant amount of time in Germany and my financial situation wont let me do that I dont thin. If I won the Lottery I could be more free and easy… Would love to live in/nr Freiberg to do this sort of thing. The only thing I can think of is to have a weekend/week holl in Germany – I may get frustrated by this if I cant get to my Jogi or a similar German…

    1. I know what it’s like to have “loved and lost” (1984, but it still hurts) – so I sympathize when I hear bleeding hearts. August they expect you to arrive Monday 8 August as classes start on the 9th; and classes finish on 30th and people leave on 31st.

      Mon 8, Tue 9, Wed 10, Thu 11, Fri 12
      Mon 29-Wed31

      Mon 29th August is already a public UK holiday – so you would get that off anyway!
      You say you work a 4 day week: So, 14 days “holiday” cover the other days you need!
      So, now you just have to figure the cost!
      LEA’s or company’s sometimes contribute to language learning to “further employees” – what’s your firm like?

    2. OK, this is perhaps the one I shouldn’t say. But, you seem so obsessed with a SW-Germany-living gezzer I’m going to say it and live with the consequences.

      You mentioned a “daughter” in relation to a facebook comment – so either there is a VERY understanding Mr Susan – or there was a “past tense” divorce.

      But, if you have a daughter giving out that sort of advice, she must be a teenager.

      Question for what I’m about to say is “is she over -18?” ie, old enough to live without mum?

      After I posted that ad yesterday re: that job in Freiburg it set me thinking and I did some searching.

      Do you know how many jobs there are out there, in SW-Germany, for English-speakers? Quite, a few actually!

      Stuttgart, Ulm, Freiburg all have vacancies for native English-speakers!

      Cost of living is cheaper than in southern England, you are in driving distance of a “Teutonic God”, you’d have a job in English whilst you could learn German – what more could you want?

      The catch is could you go – ie, is your daughter old enough to leave? (I’m guessing if she is in high school you’d not want unsettle her).

      Maybe I shouldn’t have said this – but I have, so too late now. I’ll wait for the sky to fall on my head.

      1. Jon – I’m not offended at all that you should bring up possibilities – my daughter is 18 and going to Uni next Sept but will be back for holidays but of course I could live in Germany to do this kind of work you describe (really fab news thy seem to need English speaking teachers – that gives me hope) but two big obstacles remain (I promise I’m not putting uncessarily obstacles in my way!), one being I have a really good job and dont want to leave it cos it suits me in all sorts of ways (and its hard to get a 4 day a week job so I am loathe to give it up) and the second thing being would I be crazy to move to SW Germany to get near to my idol knowing I cant have him? – what would I do if I did manage to get near him and/or get to know him – as much as I would like I cant pounce on him and tell him to be mine! You see the dilemna! – its killing me!

      1. Problem with Lothar is, by the time some poor woman starts dating him, he’s moved on to someone else! Not exactly slow our Lothar! Takes speed dating to a whole new level! Could be a World Champion!

      2. Yes I see you dilemna Talia – I feel the same – although generally German men are far far more attrctuve (in opinion) than British ones! I am trying to meet German guy in the UK and have joined a worldwide one but no Germans are applying and you dont meet any Germans where I live! Frustratng! Maybe I will have to take a mini break to a German city at some stage to try and meet one – but they wont be Jogi will they! although they will have that fab accent at least!

  27. Ohh what are we to do. Pls let me know where I can access any pics of Madam Loew if you get any – the thought we are so so much better looking and we still cannot have him is torterous indeed! I am getting just a little obsessed by the gorgeous god-like creature. I am so so tempted to take a trip to Freiberg to catch a glimpse of my idol and/or bump into him ‘accidently’ whilst he is frequenting any coffee bars for his favourite espresso but he may recognise me as I contacted him on Facebook and it still says ‘awaiting friend confirmation’ or whatever it means that in other words he hasnt seen it or is completely ignoring my request – who can blame him if he doesnt know me from Adam (and I’m sure his wife wont like him replying to a random lady! But if I were to take say a week’s trip to Freiberg (would need somebody to go with of course!) and I bump into him, he will surely think I’m a stalker don’t you think – what is a girl to do. May be I could shoot Mrs Loew so we can get our hands on him (don’t worry I wont do that of course!) – a glimpse of him may be far worse knowing we cannot have him… what am I to do – he is occupying my head loads – it cannot be good for me! Any suggestions welcome!

    1. Thought of taking a coaching badge??? Coaches “legitimately” attend conferences – the BoyleFrau as you seem to refer to her could have no complaints – could have no complaints, you’d be a work colleague! The DFB (German Football Bund) and the FA (English) are both members of UEFA so have times when there are European meetings.

      1. The only other thing I can think of – is on 10 August 2011 Germany are playing Brazil in Stuttgart. If you look at the old Deutschland ein Sommermarchen documentary when Germany played for 3rd place at the 2006 World Cup they played in Stuttgart and the hotel shown in that documentary looks remarkably like the TOP Country Line Schloss Monrepos (check it out at – which is about 96 pounds per night! So, if you booked in a night or two before the Brazil match – you might catch the team hanging out! Not that you’re interested in the team, of course!

      1. Ah, that article, ladies, answers all your questions. Every time on this page you’ve asked “she’s frumpy, why doesn’t he leave her?” that article tells you why not! She’s the boss’s daughter! Daddy has the power and the money! (and the connections) presumably! One of you called Jogi – in a previous incarnation – “a doofus” – that he’s only got his style act together as he’s got older (well, as a posh German style-house has started dressing him in expensive male lines if we’re honest!) Look at some of the photos of him in the ’80s – his haircuts look like he’s been hit by a runaway lawnmower and even celebrating at VfB Stuttgart in 1997 he looks like he’s been dressed by Man-at-C&A. He roamed from club to club as a coach. Then in 2004 Jurgen Klinsmann picked him as his number 2. Probably because a) Klinsmann lives in California and needed someone who actually lived in Germany and b) as Klinsmann’s coaching stint at Bayern Munich proved, Klinsmann needs a strong number 2 behind him or he’ll sink fast as a coach. So, in that sense Jogi hit it extremely lucky. In 2006 the DFB were begging Klinsmann to stay, not Jogi to take over. But Klinsi likes the California sunshine too much. So, Jogi got his big break, and, good luck to him, he’s taken it with both hands. But, the grooming both Strenesse and Nivea, are part of the DFB contract – so I doubt Jogi 2010 would look like he does without his DFB contract, because he wouldn’t be wearing Strenesse or Nivea, or have their advisors telling “yes, this.”
        So, he might be a genius when it comes to football tactics – I personally think if he’s patient and stays in the job Germany can win the 2018 World Cup (only Brazil in 2014 can win a World Cup played in Brazil) – but, being honest, he’s lucky when it comes to haircut and clothes at 50.
        I’ll give him the body – he hasn’t “let himself go” – but then he’s in an industry where he should be well capable of staying in shape!
        But, as for the BoyleFrau, he was obviously (look at his playing career stats on the web) a journeyman footballer. He will now see it as she “took a punt” on him all those years ago and remained with him through the playing days – which were not sparkling; and the club coaching career which didn’t set the world alight either. Now, he’s repaying that “loyalty.”
        Ladies, you stand no chance!
        A) He married the boss’s daughter
        B) He’s repaying a loyalty debt

  28. Taken (and translated) from a German magazine website:
    Joachim Löw – What a stylish man
    Man oh man, what is our national coach but for a top-fashion-dressed and successful type. Whether shirt, suit or sweater – always well dressed, Joachim Löw. At the World Cup was the best Jogi angezogenste coach. But who is pulling our Jogi, for his performance now, a Merit actually get so good? Wife, Daniela Loew, perhaps?
    Not only in football and in terms of fashion style Joachim “Jogi” Löw (50) world champion. Of the newspapers in South Africa, he was recently elected bestgekleidesten coach of the World Cup. Understandably, the majority of the languishing women convinced that behind Jogi is a smart, stylish woman is. Right!
    For almost 24 years Daniela Löw Wife and closest confidant of the football experts. But in terms of outfits she keeps in the background as well as for decisions on national team. “I like to wear what I like personally,” says Jogi. His wife got him no clothes. “I’ll do yourself a year I always go shopping two or three times myself.” Even the already sold out everywhere and iconic blue sweatshirt, the neon-blue baby cashmere sweaters (Strenesse, 199 €), who acted in Jogi and his boys as a talisman, he has chosen. His scarves, double down, wrapped around the neck and pushed through the front, never “typical man” knotted, are also cult.
    For the trained wholesale and foreign trade clerk (Today’s annual income around € 4 million!) from the Black Forest is but the fashion aspect is not so important. “I’m sensitive to cold weather – I am easily tensions,” he admits. Relax he is best if no one is watching him. Therefore, it’s private fortune with his Daniela is sacred. The childless couple lives quietly in a cottage outside of Freiburg, Daniel worked as an accountant. Public appearances are not her thing. She is the great secret – not only his success …

    Looks like you might have a bit of trouble convincing him to leave her!

    1. Oh my goodness – great translation Jon – it opens up more mystery to me however – its like Jogi has some sort of pact with Mrs Loew – both in a small remote cottage and such a private life and not being able to find out much about her – what is it actually that she has that he is soooo committed to?? Its like she has a hold over him or they have a pact to stay together forever and nothing will tear them apart – very strange indeed (unless of course she was just sooo lucky to get him at 26 yrs and he has stayed in love ever since!) – you would think with all the temptations out there and him being so remarkably stunning with his personality/talent/kindness etc etc etc that why is he soooo committed to her and why all this secrecy! And all without him having children (he could have easily found someone to have kids with (wish it was me!) unless of course he is a jaffa!

      Jon – appreciate your suggestions – what is an Ibis?

      1. Ibis hotel is a 30 pound a night cheaper option! And, surely, “your Jogi” a jaffa! surely not! perish the thought! 🙂 Perhaps he’s just an out of work drag artist, filling in time before his next gig, who actually lives with Hansi, and the reason you rarely see pictures of the Boylefrau is they rent her from an escort agency! 🙂 But, Jogi & Hansi being totally smitten with each other – Hansi would get jealous if Jogi picked a stunner, so to appease Hansi, Jogi rents the Boylefrau!
        On a more serious note: He’s paid to watch Bundesliga matches – so when Bayern Munchen are playing Cologne it’s a fair chance he’ll be there as a lot of the national players play for those two teams – so check out when Bayern play Cologne and get tickets for the main stand!
        As for pact to stay together forever – see what I said about an hour ago (above) – she’s the boss’s daughter!

      2. To paraphrase Ethel Mertz in an episode of I Love Lucy, “I’m American, I don’t understand English” (when the Mertzes and the Ricardos were visiting England). What is a jaffa??

      3. Oh gosh I learned my lesson a long time ago never to question why childless couples don’t have children. Sometimes it really is a choice but I know sometimes it is something very painful and personal. For instance, my best friend’s fiance already told her he will not be fathering any children with her because schizophrenia runs in his family and he is afraid that he carries that gene. She is considering whether to go through with the wedding now or not.

    2. Actually I think he deserves a lot more credit. What is it about the clothes don’t make the man? Strenesse dressed Klinsmann while he was in charge didn’t they? It made no difference – he still looks like a goofy Martina Navratilova. Jogi just needed a little help to find his inner fashionista. And sure he is in great shape and works in an industry that is all about being fit but he’s a coach not a player and there are plenty of chunky and out of shape coaches out there. You have an excellent point that he is very lucky to have a fabulous head of hair though.

      1. I would love to see those pics of them coming off the plane with the wife – that doesnt surprise me as whatever pics I’ve seen of her and Jogi together, he never ever looks like he’s in love with her – thats why I think its a marriage of convenience! But if that is the case and he has had liaisons with guys or girls, how come this has been kept a secret – surely in this day and age, any photos would have surfaced by now of him being with anybody else. Cannot get why he has been with her so long – maybe he now fancies a change now he has ‘made it’ so to speak.

      2. I agree that he could easily be flabby and unkempt for a football coach but he is incredibly well dressed and must have his own style as well as being styled by someone – whatever it is it works great – I’m crazy about him.

        A ‘jaffa’ is a fruit (a seedless orange) which is a bit of English slang used for when a person cant have children (seedless, get it!) – either its him or her that cant have them or he chose not to have them cos he’s not entirely straight – but even gay men have children nowadays and he SHOULD have a child to pass down those amazing genes dont you think!!

      3. Talia – jaffa oranges are seedless (your question above).
        But, it can also be taken, hence my joke re: Hansi for two boys who prefer each others company – the US military row springs to mind right now!

      4. Europa League half time: One final thought about the great man’s Jaffahood: Perhaps he’s not as childless as he’d like the world to believe? Perhaps he just has himself a little science lab in Freiburg where he turns out little Jogi’s. Maybe, he’s just been producing himself a football team over the years? A sort of Frankenstein meets the DFB? 🙂

      5. From the Daily Mail (during the World Cup):
        Herr Low has been stung by mischievous claims sweeping the internet that he wears a wig.
        The coach, who is 50, has a luxurious black mane that does not appear to move, however excited he gets.
        Low and assistant Hans-Dieter Flick, 45, who wear identical cardigans and stand with their arms around each other at matches, have emerged as the odd couple of the tournament.

        “Fabuouls head of hair”? or fabulous wig?

  29. I tried to download (as requested) some photos of the BoyleFrau as you all so lovingly refer to the great lady.
    Not being a whizz with computers I flunked.
    So, I attached them to a word document and sent them to the email – caroline.arlington given on the facebook page.
    There is also a very old one of Jogi attached which I don’t know if you have on your facebook page (I didn’t have THAT!!! long to look) – but his haircut, as I say in my email looks like Bastian Scweinsteiger has taken up hairdressing!
    Some of the Boylefrau pictures are readily available on google, but one I could only find if I went to German websites – which is where I found the Jogi-with-Auschwitz-haircut also!

    1. Maybe the hold over Jogi is that they just fell in love young and he is sooooo loyal! Thats all I can think of – but still its odd! How can one woman (esp one like her) can keep THAT man’s attention for so long… such a tragic waste!

      Re: the BoyleFrau pics – I did find those a while ago thank you when I ‘googled her’ so it seems such a mystery as to why are there no more pics of her (especially in this day and age of the Papperatzi and camera phones!!!) – the mystery continues..

      I saw an advert in my local paper of trips to Cologne next Spring and am very tempted to go – although I understand Cologne is about 100 miles away from Freiberg – and even if we took a trip to Freiberg, how will we know he would be there as he travels all the time and may be personal holls or trips or whatever… would be a high chance to take to catch him.

      1. FC Koln are home to Bayern Munich on the weekend of 4/5/6 February 2011.
        Tickets MUST be booked at least 7 days in advance on the online site.
        Koln to Freiburg: I don’t know how comfortable you’d feel driving it, but if you don’t feel like driving and want to “let the train take the strain” the ICE train does the trip in about 4 hours according to the Deutsche Bahn website. A return ticket can cost as low as 29 Euros depending on which two trains you decide to take.

      2. When the German NT arrived home at the airport after the World Cup there were lots of pictures and she was in several of them only never anywhere near her husband. I thought that was really odd. He never stood next to her even while they were waiting for their luggage. It’s like he was keeping his distance.

    2. I remember reading that snarky article. It came out the week before the England-Germany match. I think it was just to wind up the Germany supporters. It’s his real hair. People (men) are just jealous that he can have that hair at his age.

      1. I totally agree its his own hair – I can spot a wig a mile off! You can tell its his own thick lush head of hair – he’s always had thick hair and sometimes its cut and sometimes left a bit “Beatles” like – he’s just so incredibly lucky – and yes, other men are very jealous of such amazing hair… Of course he dyes it though as sometimes it seems blacker than other times and other times a bit “salt and pepper” like – but so what, he would have slightly grey hair at his age and his sideburrns are grey (which sometimes doesnt match the head of hair) but that doesnt matter and even more reason why we know its not a wig.

        P.S. reply to Jon’s email – I would totally believe that he has been ‘donating’ to a special lab to create future Jogis – I really hope he isnt a jaffa – what a waste of magnificant jeans – i would defo help him out on that score..

        Cant get over the few photos I’ve seen lately of those very tight trousers – yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmy – I need that man now!!


    If you go to the website you will see a list of speakers (his name does NOT appear) for the 5th annual Sports event Management Conference in Twickenham Stadium, London on 3rd & 4th November.

    This is THE!!! big sports conference of the year (David Beckham was there last year). If he is going to go to any conference (I’m guessing he hates these sorts of things), this is going to be the one in the year he’s going to go to.

    You’ve been schemeing to go to strudel-land when he could be coming to you! 🙂

    Time to go to the hairdressers???

    1. The conference is 1500 pounds per person (forget that!).

      BUT!!! the conference hotel is the Twickenham Marriott, 198 Whitton Road, TTW2 7BA. It has it’s own restaurants – if a boy needs his expresso! You could always go search there for him!

      1. Wow! Alot to think about and digest Jon – will digest the info about going to Germany later on but re: 3/4 Nov (these are week nights!) that sounds a good option – just thinking if Jogi is at this conference then we have to hope that he would eat in the restaurants nearby – but maybe a needle in the haystack situation – how do we know which one – I would be at work till 5.30pm although I work in the City of London, it may take me a while to get up to Twickenham (but in time for dinner time) – not sure exactly where I would find him to ACCIDENTALLY bump into him (suppose he will be with all the players too – hopefully his wife wont be over to meet him for dinner – who knows!)

        Are you in the UK Jon – and Talia if you are in the US I dont suppose you could meet up in London? ANYONE up for meeting at the conference or making plans to do a bit of Jogi spotting? well done Jon for finding out this stuff – I dont know how you do it!

        Re: Marrying the boss’s wife Jon – I totally get what you say, it does seem to make sense to me, esp as you say when he was on the the downers trying to make it, marrying her would be a sensible thing and she would have been a better prospect then but now he has vastly overtaken her and ‘made it’ so it to speak, surely its time for him to leave her – he surely isnt beholdent to her now… time for a new wife and babies do you agree!!? Maybe he’s already thinking of that – after all, its not long since he took over from Klilnsi – maybe he’s making his next move – I can dream!!!

    2. P.S. Jon – you sound extremely intellegent I must say – very impressed! – and you seem to travel a fair bit. Are you UK based?

      1. Actually since we’ve seen his wife and he seems to have no problem with her size (could it be he is a chubby chaser??) maybe its time to cancel that gym membership and rediscover the artery clogging joy of Krispy Kreme donuts.

  31. Sorry, you can count me out for 3-4 November – I’ll be in North America. Although unlike some unfortunates I don’t have an American passport! 🙂 I know this stuff as I did a double major of German History and German Humanities (music) at university, hence the language skills, such as they are, after which the Freie University in Berlin offered me an MA place. And, as the Beatles would say, after a “long and winding road” I finished up teaching popular music and popular culture (sport, especially football) in university. But, I can’t stand a lot of the snobbery you find in places such as academia – still an old boys’ club no matter what anyone says – and still prefers your skin colour to be white over any other shade. So, I go my own way – which isn’t always popular 🙂
    But, I’d rather go my own way and be happy than cowtow to a bunch of old farts.
    Right now, I’m trying to put together a proposal for research into German football.
    Back to work.
    As for where he’ll eat – the Marriott lists restaurant recommendations on its website. Could narrow the odds?

    1. By the way, I can sprechen Sie Deutsch if I have to – but these days when multitasking is everyones’ life so can you (if you go to a German website). when you google or yahoo and get a list of responses you’ll notice next to the responses on the right it says the word “translate” (if the website is not in English). So, for example, if it’s a German website and you click on translate and go to the website, the computer, nice thing, will automatically translate the German into English. No doubt with a couple of mistakes, but, not bad. when you are on the actual website on the top right hand corner of the page it will give you an option button “always translate German” – if you click on this button it means that every time on that computer you go to a German website the computer will automatically translate the German into English. So, sometimes, I have my translate button on, and sometimes I have it off – depends if I’m doing something else. The other day I put it on – because I was doing something else at the same time. But, if you have “inaccessible” Jogi pages because they are in German, this will open them up to you.

      1. I shall remember this advice Jon about the translation website – pity I didnt use it when I sent Jogi my message on Facebook – I bet he couldnt be bothered to read my English message!

      1. Thanks, but, all it is is it’s a question of being (or trying to be) logical, asking questions, and eliminating possibilities (like we’ve done with Twickenham).

      2. Talia – good point about the ‘chubby chaser’ question – he may well be… so we could be wasting our time looking fit and resisting those donuts..

  32. As for the players – I just noticed your comment – he won’t have them in tow.
    Nov. 2 & 3 are big nights in the Champions’ League: Real Madrid play in Milan on the 3rd, so Ozil & Khedira will be in Milan, and the Munich players players will be playing on the 3rd also.
    So, their clubs have priority.
    So, you might have to handbag Hansi – worst case scenario, but not a group of players!

  33. Half-time in the Champions’ League: So, quickly:
    Those who dare – win.

    This conference on 3&4 November. Why not either just phone: +9714 4072 602 or email: richard.arrowsmith”at” and ASK!!! if the Bundestrainer, Joachim Low, will be in attendance.

    It’s a conference, not a meeting of the Footballing Freemasons’. They will probably tell you yes or no.

    If no, saves you a wasted trip to Twickenham.

    If they ask you why you want to know, just say your boss is interested in attending, but it depends on who else is attending. Don’t give any info beyond that. You shouldn’t have to to get a yes or no answer.

    1. Great info Jon – I would be soooo shy to go there on my own and may not have the courage to see him/take an opportunity if I get one to get him alone on my own! Would love to go with somebody. I’m not a lady of the evening – would hate him to think I’m a groupie – thats why I fancy going with someone – oh dear..

    2. I emailed Richard Arowsmith to ask if Jogi was going to present at the Cnofernce on 3/4 Nov and he said he wasnt on the list (I said he wouldnt be on the official list) so all I could say is if he can possibly find out somehow if he is going to be there to email me or ring me (I gave him my mobile number!) – he still hasnt responded to my Facebook email to him of course (I expected that!) either he is globe trotting still or cant be bothered to look at his Facebook or as it states on his Facebook page ‘please only email Jogi if you are a friend’ – which I’m not of course but I would defo love to be his friend! – I said he is welcome to pop in for a cup of tea…

      1. Well done.
        Narrowed it done by one.
        Saved a wasted trip to Twickers.

        So: now to concentrate on the “still possibles”
        – Any Bundesliga game he “might” be at – but the two problems there are: a) he “might” be at – again no guarantees b) if he’s in the posh seats a question of getting close enough
        – Germany vs. Brazil in August. He’s guaranteed to be at the stadium, but as he’s working not much chance of gettign near him. Better possibility is figuring out which hotel the team will use. SOME HOMEWORK NEEDED HERE.
        – Holidays/trips to Freiburg: Two problems with this are a) no guarantee he’s at home the time you choose to go b) with a population of 221,000 it might be needle in haystack searching.
        – you’ve obviously ruled out the university. so let’s forget that one.

        were there any other possibilities I’ve forgotten? – we’ve got to get some strategy/strategies going here! Set out a plan. Maximize the possibilities.

      2. How did you find his Facebook page? are you sure its really his official Facebook page? I just joined facebook but I’m really inept when it comes to it…btw, thanks for adding me as a friend!!!

      3. Perhaps you’ll have more luck if you change the offer to “the best expresso in England…” 🙂

      4. As Homer Simpson would say (chomping donuts)…”MMMMMMMM…..donuts – is there anything they can’t do?”.
        Anyway, I’m not convinced that any of the facebook pages I saw for him are genuine.

        i think the best bet for meeting him would be to go the hotel route and 1.) either be employed at a hotel he is staying at preferably as a concierge or front desk clerk or 2.) stay there as a guest and try to run into him in the lobby. But then what???

      5. Talia:
        the problem with ‘working’ in a hotel when someone you want to talk to is staying is if you are on the opposite side of the hotel you can’t just ‘walk off’ to talk to them whilst on shift.
        Staying there, you have to make full use of your time: 11pm-8am they’re in their rooms
        8am: be in the breakfast room
        10am is usually training time for footballers so depending where they are using to train while staying at the hotel (how far away) they are on the coach 9.something in order to get to training for 10am
        12 noon training is definately over by, so back on coach and back to hotel
        if hotel has a pool or games room, that maybe where they head to stave off boredom after lunch
        if gameday if 8pm kick-off, they will get to stadium by 6.30pm, so on to coach for drive in time to get to stadium by 6.30pm
        Pretty routine life (dull), but, it does mean if you wanted to predict where the coach might be, you could.
        When the players were in the pool or playing games, he’d probably be watching videos or strategizing about the opposition (there are clips like this of Klinsmann and Low in Deutschland ein Sommermarchen).

      6. If you were to “bump into him” in a hotel the problem you then face, of course, is if it were Klinsmann, you could always just say, “good strategy at the World Cup…” and hope to get him talking for a minute (knowing he speaks fluent English). Like I said yesterday, I’ve never heard your Teutonic God speak more than a sentence of English – so engaging in a conversation, if you haven’t miraculously learned German is going to be a bit brief! PROBLEM!!!

  34. Just a thought, as a historian. 22 October 1940 Freiburg, Germany deported its’ Jewish population most of whom died in Auschwitz. Germany wasn’t always the happy camper land it is today. (and, no, I’m not holding responsible those not born then, I’m just remembering an anniversary).

  35. Talia – you are welcome! If you just go into Facebook and search for “Joachim Loew” it will come up with his page – my daughter said she suspect people use other peoples names which are not theirs but I hope its his page as it has all hix pics on there (or am I being niaive!) and why would he want to email me back (being a stranger!) – I still cant find out whether he is at Twickenham (in London where I work) 3/4 Nov and its killing me to think he may be in my City and me not get my hands on him. I’m sooo into him and keep thinking of him in those tight pants!!! What a man!

    Jon- I dont know what to do for the best to get near him, and if I do manage it (like maybe a trip to the Brazil v Germany match) I will have to dispose of the wife and rely on ‘our eyes meeting across a crowded football pitch and hope he falls instantly in love!) – a tall order dont you think. Maybe we will all have to be just content with looking at his amazing pictures….frustrating isnt it!


      So, work with me here.

      Answer my question below re: the facebook email I posted on Oct 22 at 8.16pm.

      Going to the Germany vs Brazil game:
      How many football games have you previously been to?
      Inside the stadium you won’t get anywhere near him – he’s working.
      You might be able to be in the main stand and take a photo from 6 rows away – but you won’t get to speak to him – no way.
      That’s why I said about figuring out where the team where staying.
      They will be there for a couple of days prior to the game.

      1. I’ve never been to a football match Jon – but the more I think about it the more I think the only chance we have to meet him is to ‘turn up’ at the same hotel a couple of days before a match!! Good idea!

  36. Pity no-one currently lives in Freiburg! I’ve just spotted this ad on the web!

    We’re looking for English trainers (native speakers)

    We are currently looking for freelance teachers to teach on an hourly basis at the school as well as companies in and around Freiburg. It is very important that we explain that the positions we are offering are on a freelance basis. We are not offering permanent positions immediately. Therefore you would need 1-2 other jobs to cover your living costs here. Ideally all candidates are currently living in Freiburg, or are moving to Freiburg and have other work opportunities in addition to working at inlingua. If you are interested in working with us we would be very happy to invite you for an interview when you move here. Ms M. Thompson, Director of Studies, Freiburg

    They would even accept US citizens willing to relocate – but I’m guessing you have a family who’d be non-too-pleased! 🙂

  37. If I send an email to the email address on the facebook website – caroline.arlington – does that go to Sue or Talia as I have a thought/question but I don’t want to post it on the web, but I do want to know who I am sending it to

    1. Jon – you can post that question on my Facebook page if you want – I think I have to ‘accept’ you as a friend first – so go to Facebook and find Susan Hasler…look forward to hearing from you.

      P.S. Re that job advert – sounds v tempting but alas I’m not free an easy as I have a job here, mortgage and daughter in England..maybe a couple of years down the line and a Lottery win…

      1. I don’t have a facebook page – but it was basically the two ideas as stated below re: Brighton Library

  38. Horror of horrors – I think I have been rejected as Jogi’s friend on Facebook as when I went into Facebook under his name, strangely it said there was a new Joachim Loew facebook profile so I went into it and it said ‘add as a friend’ on the top which basically means he has rejcected me. If it says ‘Awaiting Friend Confirmation’ I think that means he hasnt looked at his Facebook page yet. Its really odd cos then i went back into his Facebook page and his OLD profile was there and it said at the top ‘Awaiting Friend Confirmation’ – so I dont know if I’ve been rejected or not – its killing me cos I dream of him all the time..

    1. I think it just means a new page has been set up – and the old one made ‘redundant’: hence, the ‘awaiting friend confirmation’ – it will still say that in a thousand years. It’s not been refjeced, it’s just been left dormant.
      Of Jurgen Klinsmann, Lothar Matthaus & Jogi, he’s the only one I have never heard speak more than a sentence in English (what you could memorize by rote) and that was when the German team landed in South Africa last year. So, my guess is, beyond the English any German would understand “hello”, “excuse me” etc he has no clue! So, if he sees anything in English I’m guessing his eyes glaze over and he moves on mentally. A sort of “I can’t cope” defence mechanism – we all do it, so I’m not criticizing, it’s just a reality.

      1. Yes I sure I dont expect a reply from him Jon on the Facebook – I should have written it in German but he still Im sure wouldnt reply as he doesnt know me from Adam.

        Re: the possibilies email – if we did get near him at the hotel where he and the team are staying or ‘bump’ into him whilst he out getting his espresso or whatever, what would we do then? I dream he will fall instantly in love with me but I doubt that would happen. I dream could somehow work as a PA near his team or near him in his inner circle but how can I orchastrate that? I know alot of footballers/athletes meet their wives when they start off as promotions people or secretaries/PAs/do their marketing for them etc – in other words, work near them and get to know them bit by bit – but thats a massively tall order isnt it! Makes me soooo frustrated..

      2. P.S. Saw Jogi having an old interivew on Youtube wearing a black turtleneck sweater and he looked magnificant – you could see the toned figure – he could easily be the Milk Tray Man (remember him!) or a German James Bond- what do you think?

  39. Right, you are going to think I’m nuts on this one – but as a historian, we do this or similar every day of the week: Process of elimination.
    There are 221,000 people live in Freiburg. Governments always tell us approximately 4 people live in every household. So, there must be about 55,250 households in Freiburg. We are not interested in 55, 249 of them – right? Trick is to figure out WHERE the othere one is. Process of elimination.
    One of you in an earlier post mentions a cottage and I think an apartment is mentioned – or I’m going mad.
    But, over the next few days, tell me what you know/think you know/you’ve read (and where you’ve read it would be useful) re: anything to do with where he lives: cottage, house, apartment; downtown, suburb; any word that might be useful. If it’s in German and you’re not sure, give it to me and we’ll see.
    He’s not going to live in a skyrise – the Trotters from Only Fools and Horses, so if we can eliminate those sorts of areas, it’s amazing how soon 221,000 comes down as a number – a tower block can hold nearly 2,000 people. So, if we figure a street of 5 tower blocks thats 10,000 people from the total. He’s also unlikely to live on a main street such as Habsburgerstrasse or Bismarckallee – too much traffic and noise, so more streets to eliminate.
    Once you start eliminating streets because they are either too busy or only hold tower blocks, they choices soon narrow to the “nice areas.”
    221,000 soon becomes 21,000.
    Give me a hand.
    Tell me what you know!
    Morse needs Lewis! 🙂

  40. Two final thoughts for the day:
    If I currently lived (I/you don’t know whether I do) in the same house today as I lived in in 2003 before I got a “big” job if you knew which city I lived in today – for example, Brighton.
    If you went on holiday to Brighton and went to Brighton Public Library (armed with an English Dictionary as you don’t speak English, if you see what I mean), you could do two things:
    1. Look at the old White pages telephone books – I might be in there 2003 and before – before I got a “big” job, which would give you my address.
    2. The Main Library (not a branch library) would also hold the old, not current (probably a 10-year hold) voter’s list, which again, is organized by street address. You could check this against what you had found out from the White pages.
    If you see what I’m thiking 😉

      1. Is Johnnie and Jon not the same person! Sorry I presumed it was – if not, no worries, it means double trouble! hee hee..

      2. No, Sue, we’re not – Jon is the one with the superior intellect; Johnnie is the one who inscribes this part of the internet with seemingly random banalities, ones that occasionally kick off lengthy discussions. Well, when I say occasionally, I obviously mean seldom.

    1. I’ve just seen that Sue is confused re: Johnnie & Jon:

      Pity we couldn’t get a certain Teutonic God to join the game, changing his name to Joni or something and make it totally confusing 🙂

      1. Sue’s not the only one that’s confused. It took me a while to realize that Jon and Johnnie are different people.

  41. Jon/Talia, I’m afraid both of you know much much more info than me… But even if we found out his exact address – what would we do.. Would we ‘bump’ into him and say what a fan would say – that may work as he may like us straight away but I guess he is such a private person he is not thrilled to speak at length with a fan – but would just sign an autograph or have a few polite words…. and would he actually be at home – even if we took say, a week’s holiday to stay at Freiberg… frustrating..

    1. OK, so you’ve asked the million dollar REALITY question: So, let’s answer it.

      Realistically, you can’t camp on his lawn – I have a feeling he might just call Freiburg’s finest – no matter how nice he is.

      Whether you run into him in a hotel lobby, at a sports conference, outside his house, coming out of his favourite expresso haunt, if his English is about as good as your German, it’s not going to be a long conversation anyway.

      You say “hello”, smile, go weak at the knees, grin like a 12-year-old – then what? Realistically, you’d have to move on – or look mad! In the “social” situation you’d be in, you’d have no choice of action, except to move on.

      One of you said the other day, many sports people meet their spouses when their spouses work in the same environment – it’s because they have a reason NOT to move on, to stick around, to get to know the person.

      I’ve sat down and interviewed people – and once they know you “should” be there – you are there to interview them – they are totally different, they relax, and just talk to you as they would anyone else – within reason.

      Same when you go to academic conferences – if someone is attending as a delegate and you are attending as a delegate, there is usually a conference meal one night after which most people go on to the pub for a chat. It’s like talking to someone you’ve known for years.

      You’ve just got to be ‘adult’ around them – they hate people who start chatting “a history of your career.” Groupies don’t stay in the conversation crowd long.

      1. Thanks Jon SO much – this point of view totally makes sense and I thank you for making the point – always enlightening to hear a male powhat int of view and I get you say.. after all, how would any famous person act being confronted by a fan – exactly! I like the idea of going to the same conference or something like a conference to have the chace to bump into him then let fate take its course but lets narrow this down now guys….how can we do this, i.e. what sort of conference, meeting, when/where – this is something to work towards surely? What do we think..?

      2. Well that’s why we need you there Jon (or Johnnie) especially since you speak the Teutonic Sex God’s language and you obviously have the right people skills and won’t be nervous the way Sue and I would be. The tension would turn me into a slack jawed 12 year old. If the great man even casually said, “nice weather we’re having” i would blurt out something like, “rain’s wet, huh?”. He would probably pat me on the head and walk away quickly. *sigh* how to prove to him that we are interesting women he should get to know better? I am a fan of seminal – but largely unknown in a commercial sense – German bands that aren’t Kraftwerk – like Can, Faust, Einsturzende Neubauten ….but what if he’s into crap like Heino or something? How to tell him that for all my shyness around Teutonic Sex Gods I have a courageous streak and I travel by myself to the Middle East and Africa? what if he’s politically conservative ? I’m as Liberal as they come – would he be horrified to hear me speaking proudly of getting shot with rubber bullets by the LAPD during the 2000 Democratic National Convention? or that I am learning to speak Arabic just as a hobby the way some people take up painting or needlepoint? Anyway, point is, he wouldn’t ever get to know these things about me because he would probably think I couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time since that’s how nervous I would be around him. And if there is one thing you can tell about the Teutonic Sex God, it is, that he is uber intelligent. i don’t think he suffers fools gladly.

      3. A German Beginners’ class starts in London at the United International College, 76-78 Mortimer St., W1W 7SA, on 25 Nov and runs for 10 weeks, concluding on 10 Feb 2011. The cost is 190 pounds (average of 19 pounds per week).

        The website is:

        Handy for those who work in London and finish work at 5.30pm! 😉

        That way, even if Jogi needs major laser surgery – which according to you guys he’s needed for at least 24 years (how he’s made it as a football coach under such circumstances is beyond me!) – when you get to Germany to meet Jogi-lookalikes, you won’t have to reply on them all speaking fluent English!

        I’ve just been re-reading some of the earlier posts – after a really hectic and surprising day I needed some downtime – you keep saying “if we are realistic he’ll never leave the BoyleFrau…” but “we don’t like English guys and want to meet German guys but there are none in this neck of the woods…”

        Well, OK, but, today is REALITY all around day.
        Obviously, Jogi is a meet-and-say-“hello”-to-dream, but there is also a reality mixed up in here –

        a real desire to meet real German guys because you’re free and single and they need to be also. A LOT of Germans speak at least some English, but, if you are serious about meeting a German guy because that’s what you want – not “an English guy who can’t dress for toffee”, then you need to leave dreamland occassionally and put some effort in here.

        Yes, it means a trip (or two over there to meet some German guys), but it also means some language classes.

        If you don’t act in REALITY alongside the dreaming you are going to wake up one day, find you’re 18 year-old daughter has kids older than that, you’re fast approaching 70 – and still single.

        You need to act as well as dream NOW!

        Come on girls!

      4. You make a lot of valid points, Jon, and you have made me think differently about Boylefrau – erm – Mrs. Loew. If she’s an accountant then she’s probably very serious and level headed and, yes, you’re absolutely right, that sort of stability is very attractive to many people. You’re also right that she probably stuck it out with him for many years when he could have been written off as a “loser” before their ship finally came in and he made it big. Like i said in my earlier posts, part of me really admires him for sticking with her now that he has made it and not dumping her for some trophy wife. Having said that, I go back to my original gripe, she looks like that and she has HIM!!!??? she should seriously consider a make-over. She gets to wake up with him every day!! she needs to fix herself up a little so people like me don’t wonder what he sees in her – or worse, so his eyes don’t start to wander elsewhere. Sorry. There’s no excuse for looking like trailer trash (do they even have trailer parks in Germany?) when you have a rich, gorgeous hubby who is a style icon (and a Teutonic Sex God).

      5. The next conference I KNOW he’s scheduled for – if he’s still managing the German team by then – is the biannual European Managers’ Conference in 2012. But as it will be in the September (after the European Championships in the summer), if he were to resign (he only has a two-year contract with the DFB) after the Final of the European Championships he wouldn’t be in attendance in September. This conference isn’t really “open to all-comers” the way an academic conference is – but I’m thinking to myself there must be a way of getting a press pass – all you have to do is talk a local paper into letting you represent them (you can tell I’ve only ever gone to academic conferences – perhaps Johnnie is right and we are all going mad?). But, that gives you to September 2012 to sort out some german language skills – and your nerves!

    2. Another thought! we could enlist Jon – or Johnnie – to “entertain” the Boylefrau while we try to snare her husband into our web. What do you say guys? Maybe she’s better looking in person – after all the camera doesn’t love everyone equally.

  42. All valid points by everyone – thaks for those. Jon – re: Reality and German lessons/meeting other gorgeous German guys – yes I’ve been working on that by finding out where the Germans hang out in London (apparently its Sloane Sq/South Kensington/German Embassy which is near Buckingham Palace/Victoria/the Goethe Institute in Kensington which is a German centre with library (around that area) and Richmond (all fairly rich areas – I found out by speaking to a German lady at my work) so I’ve already approached my friend saying does she want to spend a day (not sure better at a weekend or during the week) having out in cafes/pubs/restaurants around that area (will have to get a taste for sausages but not beer as I dont drink) – I dont think she will be keep to do strudel gazing so either I go on my own (would feel silly) or try and find someone else (let me know if any of you guys fancy it) – and am checking out German language courses (the one you mention is a bit pricey Jon but thanks for mentioning it – all this I am keen to do and at the best hope to meet a ‘Jogi like’ person – second best for sure but if I cant have the real thing I will have to settle for another German… let me know if you have any more ideas for meeting a lovely German (I’ve got brochures at the weekend to have a trip to Cologne or any other German city to try and meet one but nobody seems keen to go with me!) but all this I’ve just started to work on.. so yes, I agree we cant gaze our lives away and have to try and make the best of things..

    I agree Talia with what you say about Frau Loew – I admire him for sticking with her, esp now as he has made it (it makes him a loyal and nice person) but at the same time wonder if there is more to it than that – I cant help thinking it may be all a front and they will stick together through thick and think but he has other things or people in the background (wish it was me!) and I agree that he DOES appear quite cleaver and clued up (you can tell by the way he conducts interviews and talks) – that makes him more perfect which hurts my heart a bit more – I honestly cannot fault him… or he likes chubby/plain women cos he has low confidence/self esteem (although he DOES look so confident and self assured). I think even a facelift/gym membership could not turn her into a magnificent swan… she cannot change the shape of her face/features. I cannot believe he doesnt have a dolly bird on his arm.

    1. I would love to join you for a quick getaway to Germany to visit my friend in Cologne, do some sight seeing, shopping, do some Jogi stalking or at the very least search for some Jogi-esque German men….perhaps when i return from Ethiopia??

      1. Sounds a good idea Talia (although I know we dont know each other well YET!) Did you say you were returning in a couple of months? What date are you going and coming back (keen arn’t I.)

    2. Does he look like he has self esteem issues?? the man oozes control and power out of every pore. I don’t think that’s it but it still makes the whole thing even shadier if you know what I mean. Even if he was a chubby chaser she’s not even a cute chubby woman …she’s just a mess.
      when the German NT returned from the WC and there were tons of cameras around the Teutonic Sex God looked fierce in his suit. Large Marge on the other hand had poured those Miss Piggy legs into what looked like ankle length cream colored LEGGINGS, she wore a hideous jacket that made her look even puffier and flat slip on shoes . The fashion police should have arrested her on sight for crimes against humanity. Now, I have a hard time feeling sorry for her when i keep in mind the resources she has. Not to mention she flew luxury class in a very large, roomy airplane. it’s not like she had to fly economy class.

  43. Talia:
    why are you stereotyping him? One of my friends in Berlin, has a CD collection that reads as follows: The Beatles, Phil Collins, George Michael, Queen, some classical – what makes you think Jogi listens to ANY German bands whatsoever? More like he’s lived and breathed football for so long – read football coaching manuals, watched football DVD’s, he COULDN’T tell you what his favourite movie is – as it’s probably that long since he’s been to the movies! When I was in Berlin recently Back to the Future and Grease were on the TV! So, if he’s been watching TV he probably has some idea who Michael J Fox and John Travolta are – but can you REALLY see a guy sitting through Grease? It’s not a “guy” movie.
    Plus, one of the TV stations has decided, as a public education exercise, to run films and documentaries about World War II. I didn’t bother watching any of the films – most I’ve seen before – but if you’re a German are you REALLY going to sit through a bunch of films where you lose in EVERY single one? (unless they are sneaky and change the ending!) Perhaps Jogi is under the impression Steve McQueen escapes from Colditz on that motorbike, then the Germans go across to the USA and “victoriously” collect him!

    1. I’m stereotyping him to fit my fantasy of the uber cool and hip Teutonic Sex God that probably has no basis in reality. I don’t know anything at all about him that’s why I said, “what if?”. I was hoping he would be into alternative German electronica and noise just because…..I was just envisioning him the way I would want him to be – again which is probably as far from real life as possible. In all likelihood I will never find out either since I will probably never meet him or have a meaningful conversation with the man beyond, “rain’s wet, hah?”

      1. Also, why do the pair of you – Talia, Susan – INSIST on doing yourselves no justice whatsoever? The latest incarnation of Women’s Lib (the 1960s) was 40 years ago, yet to listen to you two, you’d think men still had multiple wives, women had no vote and Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Mary Robinson, and Golda Meir, etc, had never existed!
        “…he is uber intelligent. I don’t think he suffers fools gladly!” Except with a calculator he probably can’t multiply 12×12! Most footballers can’t! Most leave school without even O levels, or whatever they call them these days – so he might be “football smart”, even “worldly smart” – I don’t know, I’ve never had the chance to chat to the geezer and figure him out. But, “uber intelligent”??? I think you’re back to trying to fit him to the fantasy of how you’d like him to be. He probably can’t unplug and clean out the u-bend under the sink – as he’s never had to! At a push he might be able to change a lightbulb – if he can remember where the spares are kept!
        But, forget Germany’s answer to God for a minute WHY!!!??? do you INSIST on running yourselves into the ground? What are YOU worth? What can YOU do? You’re not stupid, you just have to make a decision, decide on a course of action, take a deep breath, and go for it.
        Margaret Thatcher wasn’t BORN Prime Minister
        Jogi Low wasn’t BORN coach of Germany
        They asked themselves:
        What do I want?
        What do I need to do to get what I want?
        How do I go about doing those things?
        Then they sat down and sorted out a plan of action
        And, then they did that plan
        And, if something went wrong
        They picked themselves up
        Said “f*** that”
        And carried on
        That’s what you need to do
        Not just in relation to him – but wider picture

        Everybody isn’t smarter than you
        They’re only “smarter” if you tell yourself they are

        Know what a feeling it is to go to a big conference – I’ve been to some – (and I come from a REALLY small town, where everyone says “oh, know your place”, that sort of mentality) and stand up at Oxford, speak, knock ’em dead, step down, thinking “f*** you” in relation to BOTH the snots at the conference AND the folks from the small town who told you years before “oh, know your place.” If I’d listened to those folks back home, I’d probably be serving on the deli counter at the local supermarket, but I didn’t, I went my own way. It’s not always popular, but you have to BELIEVE in yourself – no-one else will!

        So, from now on, the PAIR of you, no more running yourselves into the ground – you are NOT stupid – just very good at putting yourselves down.

        Well, that stops NOW!

        From now on it’s “what can we do to achieve what we want?”


    2. Good point! But I do get the feeling our Jogi does socialise a lot – seeing pictures of him (not sure how old these are) of him lifting a glass at a function or attending dinner parties (I’m sure he finds time in the evenings to squeeze in food/wine and dinner with friends!) – ohhh I’m so jealous!

      1. Perhaps he has to socialize – by the time he gets home he finds there’s no food in the fridge, it’s been raided! (told you I was on a “have-a-dig-at-everyone” day)!

      2. I found some pictures of him at what looks like a really casual event where he’s in jeans and sneakers and surrounded by aging rock and rollers. he looks amazing and boylefrau looks like his mother. i will send them to you on facebook.

    3. Oh I plan on being fit before i land in Addis Ababa….I have a long ways to go before i reach Boylefrau proportions. I don’t have to start patronizing the Hefty Hideaway just yet : ) oops…no disrespect to Mrs. Loew intended (nudge nudge wink wink)

  44. I think the Goethe Institut in London is your best way to go for now – I’ve just had a quick look at their website and see they are doing a “Shakespeare is German” season! What next – “Bobby Moore is a Berliner”!
    On the 11 November (Remembrance Day) they are screening Der Rest ist Schweigen – The Rest is Silence: Hamlet set in WWII Germany! Should be interesting! Different to Mel Gibson does Hamlet! If Shakespeare to begin with is not your thing – don’t go to something like this – you’ll be bored solid; but, if you have an interest and an open mind; go bearing in mind it’s in German with English subtitles.
    Listening to German is one of the best ways of “getting in” to the language – it’s how children learn a language.
    Don’t worry about “everybody there’ll be smarter than me” – everybody there is an ordinary person with a family and cats at home. Just mix with the crowd.
    The more of these things you go to, the more “of the crowd” you become.
    Try also “listening” to German – if you drive to work put a German radio station on in the car: You might have no idea what they are saying but first time you listen it sounds like all the words run into one. After a while, you realize, you can actually tell words apart – even if you still don’t know what they mean!
    Try: www.
    or if you have a cd player in the car go to the public library raid the place of all the German language CD’s and play those in the car!
    It’s called subliminal learning!
    I would also take a look at the website of the British-German Association:

    suggested out for the day!

    1. Thanks Jon – v kind suggestions.. All these things at the Goethe Institut you mentioned seem all a bit over my head – wonder if I can by-pass all this stuff and just hang around the place having coffee there? Maybe I will have to just visit there to see whats first.
      I get what you mean about lerning a language. I used to go out with a French chap and learned a lot of French by visiting the country and just ‘taking it in’ and watching the TV and as you say, I could piece by piece break things into words…. as you say thats how babies learn – by being surrounded all the time by the language and starting to dream in it… They say if you spend 3 months in a country you end up speaking it fluently. Doing it this way how hard can it be if the thickest of footballers can relocate to a different country and end up fluent in the native language!

      1. Perhaps Jogi should manage Chelsea until Easter? (ouch, that one’s below the belt, sorry, couldn’t resist, I’m on a “have a dig at everyone” day!)

      2. a) because he comes from Esses which is a foreign country and b) his wife also speaks a foreign language at home – and c) they’ve both taekn up that REALLY foreign language called American over recent years 😉

  45. is the place for you ladies!

    Learn German for FREE!!! – and it has a facebook page you can chat in GERMAN!!! on.

    Just remember, these people want to learn German, not discuss the rippling muscles or otherwise of a 50-year-old football coach – that is NOT for THAT!!! site.

    1. Oh thats great Jon but what I really want (and I expect Talia wants too) is a site whereby we can correspond with German guys in a dating capacity! Any ideas? The normal Internet dating sites where you can click countries that you want to include still basically include just UK.

  46. June/July 2011 Germany host the Women’s World Cup.
    Too late for Talia and Susan to get themselves on the Opening Ceremony Opening Committee (BE the Opening Ceremony Committee) – get Jogi a skidoo (all the James Bond/Milk Tray Man references) and a pair of speedos – and the two of them could live contendedly for two hours (and probably the rest of their lives)???

    Just a thought 🙂

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Jon. We do need the opinions of thoughtful, mature men to get our asses in gear I suppose. Too bad you’re not on Facebook.

      I am realistic enough to know i will not be snaring the real Teutonic Sex God anytime soon *le sigh* . HOWEVER, I might be growing into his “type”….. all this trashtalking I’ve done about Boylefrau – erm – Mrs. Loew seems to be coming back to bite me in the ever expanding ass. I’m leaving for Ethiopia soon and was just trying on some Patagonia brand trousers i wore on my previous holiday and found that i couldn’t squeeze into them for the life of me!!!!! karma….. : )

      1. Previous post re: time not being kind mistress and going to live under bridges springs to mind (meow, meow) -“as ye sow, so shall ye reap”/treat others as you would wish to be treated?

        Bit more fruitful/positive just to get on gettin’ on and get your ass in gear – which you’ll probably have to do once in Ethiopia. Plodding ’round there for a bit you’ll come back a bit lighter and a bit wiser no doubt. Just take care.

      2. Hope its not Karma – if so, I’m going to get some too! Not sure when you are going to Ethiopia Talia but safe trip when you do. Take care.

      3. Let us know where we can see those pics of the gorgeous Jogi in casual wear with his Frau. Would love to see him dressed like that (lets face it, casual or non-casual he’s a real picture isnt he!) The pic with him laid out in the hammock with his arms behind his head is one of my favs I must say (very inviting!!)

  47. Meryl Streep revealed something about men recently that really grabbed our attention. She said that out of all the characters she’s played, the one guys say they like most is — wait for it — Miranda freaking Priestly, the power-hungry (to put it nicely) magazine boss in The Devil Wears Prada. We know the coolest men have always loved challenging, confident women, but this shows just how important those traits have become to guys across the board these days. Sure, Miranda is the kind of chick who could shrink the manliest man’s balls from 50 feet away, but that kind of badass attitude is what makes her so appealing to them.

    “Today, it’s more common to find guys who believe a woman like Miranda is intriguing, not threatening,” explains psychologist Chris Blazina, PhD, author of The Secret Lives of Men. “This generation of men has grown up seeing women in positions of power — female doctors, lawyers, even presidential candidates — so they’re not put off by a driven, confident woman. In fact, they’re turned on by those qualities.”

    Let’s be clear: We’re not saying your guy wants to do Miranda Priestly or have you act exactly like her — the woman was pretty cold. But doing things that tap in to her more desirable personality traits, like the stuff listed here, can improve your relationship with your guy.

    Give him something to think about.

    We know you’re already a ballsy, strong woman, so don’t rein it in. “The reason men love that character is because she’s never boring,” says David Wexler, PhD, executive director of the Relationship Training Institute. “Being opinionated keeps a guy on his toes.” Debating whether his new favorite band is really that awesome or disagreeing with him about something you both read in the news — those are the kinds of things that keep him mentally intrigued by you. “The key is to keep it a back-and-forth conversation: You share your views, and he shares his,” says Wexler. “Otherwise, he’ll start to feel like you’re controlling, not challenging, him.”

    Flaunt your ambition.

    “To men, it’s really sexy when a woman knows what she wants and goes after it,” says Blazina. So talk to him about your plans to land a promotion or run a half marathon. Yeah, it’s hot to watch you kick ass, but that kind of drive also indicates passion, which is incredibly alluring to a guy. “It lets him know that not only do you enjoy independence, but you’re also the type of woman who will always make the most out of life,” says Wexler. “And he wants to be a part of that.”

    Talk straight.

    When Miranda Priestly didn’t like something (or on the rare occasion when she did), everyone knew it — she didn’t exactly beat around the Manolos. “Men are very direct when they communicate, and they appreciate a woman who speaks the same way,” says Blazina. “They get frustrated when they feel like they have to interpret what you’re really saying.” That means when your guy does something to piss you off, tell him instead of pulling the “I’m fine” line. We’re pretty sure that those two words weren’t in Miranda’s vocabulary…and they shouldn’t be in yours either.

    Something to think about over the weekend? 🙂

  48. Wow, this is a fascinating website and I love this thread. Jon, I think that you have hidden comic talents. i’ve never laughed so much as reading some of your comments. It has made my day.

    Maybe not much help to you Susan, but if you haven’t seen Deutschland: Ein Sommermarchen, then it is available online. In the extras section, you see the players and coaches (but not Klinsmann, he’d already left the post) at the premiere of the film on the red carpet. Jogi Low enters the red carpet with his wife, but then soon separates to join sonke wortmann, angela merkel and bastian schweinsteiger for a photocall.

    Are you sure that there are no children? I remember reading that he had two daughters. And in the premiere of Ein Sommermarchen, there’s a young woman walking in front of Jogi and Daniela Low, who is the spitting image of Daniela Low, so I assume that she is his daughter.

    Also towards the end of the main film, you see Low and Klinsmann changing clothes and putting on their “Danke” t-shirts at the celebration in Germany after the world cup. And you see his chest (briefly), yep in pretty good shape, I’d say.

    There’s also footage of Low, Klinsmann playing five a side and getting very sweaty, but that shows you how they keep fit.

    And I’m going off on a tangent here, but I’ve looked at the german football’s federation website (or part of it) and it has great black and white photography of photosessions, visits to different countries, some of the photos strike me as being quite homoerotic in nature….fascinating really. I’m from England and could never imagine English players in that way.

    (check out Das Fotoshooting)

    1. I am positive that there are no children from the Jogi/Daniela union. However, Sue and I both have very willing and able ova ready to to be pollinated by the Bundes king Bee himself to make little Jogis or Jogettes if he wants to spread his seed around……

  49. Amazing what you learn when you “go out for lunch”: Admittedly, it was an academic lunch and it was an animal behaviourist who was speaking – but I think what was being said might have “words of wisdom” for what you guys are trying to achieve!

    Evidently, 3,000 African elephants are “trapped” around Mt. Kenya because people have been building farms/smallholdings there due to the droughts of the past few years. Now, the farms/smallholdings are in the way of the elephants “walkway” back and forth.

    If the elephants walk the “path” they’ve always walked people and elephants will die – 200 people died in the first 6 months of this year.

    So, to try to persuade the elephants – who are creatures of habit – to walk a different path this animal behaviourist tried different scents until the elephants reacted really strongly to one. The one they reacted really strongly to was: vanilla.

    So, the plan is, having purchased a path of land – a walkway – the walkway will be “scented” with vanilla, so that the elephants will be encouraged to walk on the walkway not the farmers land. A matter of persuasion as an elephant’s brain is 40% scent based.

    Similar work with orangutans proved they reacted to one scent also, only in their case, they had slightly more expensive “tastes” than the elephants – they went for Calvin Klein’s Obsession!

    The real thing, not knock-off’s (as knock off’s only have 10/200 components of the original)!

    So, if you want to attract Jogi, you can either purchase large quantities of vanilla – and avoid the zoo; or ask Santa for tons of Calvin Klein’s Obsession! 🙂

  50. Love it! Love it! – best interview I’ve seen of Jogi – shows his patience and another side of his personality – thank you!

  51. I love the posts here, hilarious, love it.

    I am a huge Jogi fan too. Just couple of lines I feel of Jogi:

    – He is a great coach. Seeing how he turned an inexperience and young Germany team into such a joy to watch during WM 2010 is a big evidence by itself.

    – He is a fashion icon. Needless to elaborate.

    – His wife is no match to him. Yes, apparently, but so long as Jogi loves her, thats all that matters. She must be pretty in her own ways. I wish them happily ever after. If Jogi runs away with a bimbo, he is not my dream man anymore.

    – He is childless. This is a sensitive one. I have been married for 8 years, and still has no children because of my own health problem. Its a pain when people ask why we do not want to start a family and all I could do is smile. This can be a choice, or can be a very personal his/ her health issue. If it is the latter, its like rubbing salt into a wound to pop the question repeatedly. I am saying this from my personal experience.

    – He is a private man. Yes, Jogi keeps his private life fiercely. He needs it, and he deserves it. The reason why he keeps a distance from his wife on public appearances is to keep Daniela out of limelight as much as possible. It is also a way to protect his loved ones. Not everyone wants to lead a life like Posh Beckham where every move of her will be magnified.

    – Facebook. Those Joachim Loew on facebook are 99.9% not the real Jogi. He is too busy to maintain one. Even if he does owns one, he has all the right to reject my “add as friend”. I myself do not accept all friend requests, let alone a world famous coach in Jogi. So I will just joined some facebook fan page where I get links to interviews, cool photos and group discussions.

    – Getting upclose and personal with Jogi. That sounds a great idea, and I am dying for that. What happen after I met Jogi? What next? After I met him, I have no more dream. So gals, I would still keep this a dream.

    For me, Jogi is one of the god damn sexiest male specie alive. Candy to my eyes, and bring beautiful football to fans on (the match) and off (Jogi himself) the pitch. Sit back and relax, enjoy what Jogi brings to us for now.

    1. Hi Nutella (and Johnnie and all), welcome to the mad World of our Jogi fan base! Great points from you indeed – thanks for that. I totally get all what you say. Jogi is indeed a God – my God – I cannot fault the man on his managerial talent, style, intellengence, charm, intriege, amazing looks and sex appeal plus plus plus – soooo much in one person – doesnt seem fair (and that he’s married). I get what you say about his private life and that he shields Daniela – it does make sense and I do respect him for that as it makes him even more of a catch (although I cant catch him!). It adds to his mystery that he is soooo private doesn’t it! As for Facebook – I never really thought in my wildest dreams he would reply to me or ‘accept’ me as a friend as if I were world famous and had the world at my feet I wouldn’t accept a stranger (especially a fan) into my space but I thought I would try anyhow – and as you say, his page isn’t probably him – maybe it IS his page though cos if it were somebody pretending to be him, surely that person would reply to me for a joke or laugh – I suspect it may be Jogi’s but he chose to ignore it. As for keeping Jogi as a dream, I would do ANYTHING to meet him properly (although to him I would just be a fan so he wouldnt be interested!) and would LOVE to turn my dream of him into reality as I believe in real life rather than just fantasising but I have to accept this will never happen and have to accept that I will never know him or get to be near him properly – its really hard cos this tears me up and I have to be careful that this doesnt interfere with my every day life (I’m trying my hardest!) I feel this is how many men feel when they look at a perfect woman like Bridget Bardot (woman x woman) perfect but unobtanabe. Jogi to me is MAN X MAN – an incredible human being – too much for a woman to bear! Even if he has faults (I’m sure he does) he would still be perfect!!! Wow!

  52. Hello from sunny but cold North America.

    This is going to bring the wrath of – Jogi? – down on my head, but, I have to ask, as I can’t for the life of me work this one out for myself, so help me out here.

    What – exactly – is it – physically – you see in this guy? Isn’t he just a guy? I can’t see how he stands out from other guys in his age range like Jurgen Klinsmann or Lothar Matthaus. What’s the difference? I’m not trying to be funny here, I’m trying to understand.

    1. ewww…bad comparisons. Jurgen Klinsmann looks like a wimpy Martina Navratilova and Lothar Matthaeus looks like Arnold Schwarzennegger with less steroids…ick….

    2. Jon – thats the million dollar question isnt it! I’m trying to understand it myself what I found so amazing about the guy. To try and break it down all I can say is the very first thing I noticed about him was when he was interviewed briefly – before I even noticed his looks etc it struck me (like a bolt of lightening) how charismatic he is and how humble/confident he was, then I noticed his amazing looks, hair and dress sense and that amazing finely tuned body. Then I noticed he oozes charisma and personality shines through and he genuinely seems like a great guy – I suppose its a chemical thing as well – some people just have IT and he certainly does. I’m also aware that the usual aged 50 guy is (from my personal experience) all that great looking and very very few men improve with age so that stands out too. Its like when you meet a guy and on paper all seems great and hes great looking (like a Brad Pitt or Clooney) but they just dont do it for you! Its all strange to understand I know but I suppose its one of the mysteries of life.

      Talia – I agree – I used to have a bit of a crush on Jurgen (again when I saw him interviewed first his sense of humour/pesonality came through then I noticed his looks), and to me he looks a typical German tourist and hasnt particularly improved with age and Lothur is v good looking but he just doesnt do it for me (love the comment about Arnie!!)

      1. Ok, thanks, you two. I guess Jogi – for the girls – does have something. I have a friend who – I’m not sure what she’d say about the Lothar/Arnie/steroids comment (she can’t stand the guy) – but she would categorize Lothar as a womanizer with no morals – which irrespective of looks (?) would be enough to turn her off any bloke. That’s partly why I asked – the: “what is it that appeals?” question. So looks vs personality or mixture of two.

      2. Besides, Lothar’s problem is he’s so short most of the girls tower over hime WITHOUT! their heels on!

  53. You have just GOT TO LOVE GERMAN EFFICIENCY!!!
    Though at times, it could be their own worst enemy (regarding honey pots? and King Bees?)
    If you were a nosey Brit, or Yank – not that I can think of any!!! – who want certain domstic “info” – THE place to go would evidently be: because evidently, if you are of voting age it costs you nothing to go on the “voting census” – their equivilant of the “voter’s register” – but, you have to fill in a form and pay a fee to block certain info – ie, to have your info “hidden.” And, my guess is a lot of busy people are too busy to even think of filling in forms and paying fees to do this.
    So, if any honey pot Brits/Yanks went on holiday to Germany and visited Rathausplatz 2-4, where the civic buildings are located, with your friend from Cologne, it probably wouldn’t take too long to find where the King Bee kept the hive!

      1. I took one look at the Bild article (and the links to the extra photos – and the phrase – re: the photos of Jogi splashing about in the Atlantic – “Susan in heaven” came to mind – can’t think why!

  54. Just a thought, the women’s world cup kicks off in Berlin on 26 June 2011. The men play on 7 June and don’t play again until August. So, for PR purposes, Jogi is probably going to be lending a bit of support to a few events: media event, charity event?, etc, etc -and the opening game – in Berlin.

    Booked your summer hols yet???

  55. The M49 bus will take you from the centre of town (the zoo train station to the Olympic Stadium) in 15-20 minutes. A day pass on public transit will cost you about 6.10 Euros! (5.25 pounds)

  56. If you have not already found it – just in time for the Christmas season – on You Tube!!!

    “Jogi feiert Weihnachten.wmv” (posted by XangelyX): Jogi Celebrates Christmas – with the man himself “dressed” as Santa! Amazing what photoshop can do these days! With Frank Sinatra singing “Santa Claus is Coming to town” in the background (perhaps he should have re-recorded it as “Jogi Löw is Coming to Town”?)

    If you haven’t seen before – enjoy!

  57. Bill at the top of this page states that there must be a band name in “Löw and Flick”.

    I’ll go Bill one better!!! Stern magazine – one of THE big selling magazines in Germany – has recently suggested that Joachim Löw is the German equivilant of Simon Cowell – in terms of creating talent, not “looks” or anything – because of the youthful age of the German national football team (approx. 25 currently, or something).

    In a recent article they referred to (wait for this!!!) “The ‘Boy Band’ by Joachim Löw” (meaning the German football team as created by Jogi!)

    Well, I guess there’s the band name – or as close we’re likely to get!

    Simon Cowell eat your heart out! 🙂

    1. Hi Sandra/Johnnie – nice to hear from you again. Cant believe Xmas is coming up so quick. I heard Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Xmas is you” and yes, guess what I would like in my Xmas stocking! Would be a dream come true.

      Hi Sandra – yes I’m crazy about our Jogi – I only starting noticing him in the W Cup in the Summer – he’s a perfect 10 – trouble is I keep comparing all guys to him and he’s just so wonderful in every way (charisma/personality/looks/hair/intellegence etc etc nobody else stands a chance in my eyes! If only he were cloned!

      Hope you are both looking forward to Xmas and have a lovely time.


  58. So how is everyone doing coming up to this holiday season? No use asking what most readers of this site wish Santa were leaving under their tree…. ah… Well, back to work!

      1. Snow tyres & digging the car out – two feet of snow on the ground (minimum)! Definately a White Christmas here! And “only” a perfect “10” – I’d have thought the man himself would have warranted at least 11.5! Back to the Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows – yes, I’m still in North America (visiting friends in Northern Ontario, about an hour North of Toronto). “Ho Ho Ho” Here’s hoping Jogi doesn’t get stuck as he enters via your chimney next weekend!

    1. You are not kidding Eva – he is absolutely the best – a perfect 10 (right off the scale) – he has it all! Gorgeous.

  59. Happy 2011! So, what’s the plan of action for the year ahead? No major competition – European Championships or World Cup – for Jogi to turn up at, so, one of two ways to go:
    1. 2011 becomes a “consolidation” year – used for planning ahead – learning German, being fruitful in those ways
    2. 2011 is more a “hit-and-hope” year – a trip to Freiburg or something else, such as a trip to a Germany or Bayern Munich game.


  60. Hi Jon, Happy New Year to you!

    Well my first plan of action is to send Mr Loew a birthday card (with a pic of me in it and my contact details of course – you never know do you!) for his b.d 3 Feb. As obviously I don’t know his address, can you let me know your thoughts on where is best to send it? I can’t find a fan club address, don’t know his email address (him being such a private person) but I have heard that if you put on the envelope the name of ther famous person and their home town (i.e. Freiberg) and that’s it, that it somehow finds it way to that person? Any suggestions welcome Jon…

    Apart from that I’m still waiting to read a newspaper headline saying “Joachim Loew splits from wife” but I suppose that’s too much to hope for isn’t it!

  61. P.s. I am also saving my pennies for a trip to a German town (not sure which one!) to hopefully meet some Jogi lookalikes – suggestions welcome again Jon.

    1. Or I’d go back to the default position of the women’s World Cup which kicks off in Berlin 26th June 2011. He’s (surely?) got to be in Berlin for some promo work around the time of the opening game (24th/25th/26th), so that might be worth a trip?

      It may also be easy to get an answer from the DFB as to: “Is Herr Löw
      doing any promotional events for the women’s World Cup in Berlin around 24th-26th June?” the way that chap in Twickenham answered Jogi was not on the list for the Twickenham event.

      Finding out if Jogi is scheduled for something is half the battle – if the DFB emailed back saying (for example) “he will not be in Berlin, but will be at the book festival in Stuttgart on the 28th” then you a) know where he is and b) have a choice of do you want to go there.

      The email address of the dfb is: info”at” if you want to go this route. If you do, I’d make the email short, formal, and NOT “fan-sounding”.

  62. I would say – from experience – the best way to guarantee an envelope marked for Jogi to get to him is to be addressed to him “officially”:
    Herr J. Löw
    Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V. (DFB)
    Otto-Fleck-Schneise 6
    60528 Frankfurt-am-Main

    I have sent mail for many people over the years – and never had one not get to where it’s destined by sending it to the “office” address.

    Note: I’ve spelled his surname the German, not English way (with the umlaut), which you can do if using a computer by cutting and pasting – by hand, by just “writing” it – but his name “has” an umlaut – as it’s a German name, spelled the German way, so impress him, by NOT spelling it the “English” (Loew) way!!! (score points) – same goes for the word Fußball – the Germans use the “ß” as the English use a “ss” in a word – but, use the German by cutting and pasting or copying – as it will make an impression!

    To say “Happy Birthday (to you)” in German is: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag

    And don’t forget to:

    a) send it in plenty of time!
    b) put enough postage on the envelope!!!

    Good luck!!!

    And no “SWALK”!!! 😉

    I would go in the summer – (saving pennines) – to the town Germany are in to play a friendly in (I can’t remember offhand) against Brazil (if they are in town for a couple of days more time to “bump into someone”!!!

  63. Thanks sooo much for this great advice Jon – I will think about the visit thing but will concentrate on the card first. Thanks so much for the address and that’s great advice about German/official spellings etc for it to reach him – much appreciated. Now all I have to think about is the contents of the envelope. I even thought of making a hand made card with him drawn as a child would draw it and placing bits of material on for the scarf/hair and jacket etc like a child has done it (cos I cant do these things well anyway) as I thought he would take more notice of this and it may tug as his heart more… or just a normal ish card (I could make it still but not in a child-like way) but would it seem too ‘fan like’ to put my photo in it with all my contact details? There’s no point me just sending a card with my name on cos I want the best chance of him contacting me (I doubt he will but you never know, he may have a ‘weak’ moment. I just want the best chance that he will contact me – I know this sounds completely daft but I am certainly a tryer… Just hope Mrs Loew doesn’t get to it first!!

    1. As he appears to eat, sleep, think football – why not play to his “football” ego??? – and pair it with his/your nationalisms?

      If he actually opens the envelope – not beyond possibility – he will see it’s from England. Germany thumped England at the World Cup last year. So, make it a joke:

      “I’m English, but decided to prove it’s ‘only a game’ by sending you a birthday card – even after Germany beating England 4-0 at last year’s World Cup!” (something on those lines, make it a joke!)

      Pair that to his football ego:
      “I only got interested in football watching teams coached, as it turned out, by yourself, as they seem more exciting that other teams I’ve seen…” (flatter him)

      Show him some specific football knowledge: “Mesut Özil did well in the World Cup having played in the U-21 Championship in 2009 (unfortunately, also against England) and seems to be settling in at Real Madrid (although he has to work on his concentration in matches my football friends tell me).”

      Then drop the future: “I’ve been so enthused by your team, that having never been to Germany before, later this year I am going to combine a sight-seeing trip to (city) with a trip to see your team play. Thanks for opening up a new chapter in my life! Just, next time you play England – go easy on us – please!”

      That way, you’ve:
      a) got his attention by talking football
      b) sent it to his office – so why would the frau get to it first?
      c) kept it light – so he doesn’t feel backed into a corner
      d) left it up to him

  64. I’ve just thought – you should then write on the card (the German translation of the above post):

    Ich bin englisch, aber entschied mich dafür zu beweisen, dass es ‘ nur ein spiel ‘ ist, sie eine geburtstag-karte – sogar nach deutschland sendend, das england weltpokal von 4-0 schließlich jahr schlägt.

    Ich wurde für instruierte Fußballaufpassen-Mannschaften interessiert, wie es sich durch sich selbst erwies. Sie scheinen aufregender als andere Mannschaften, die ich gesehen habe.

    Mesut Özil war im Weltpokal gesund, in der U-21 Meisterschaft 2009 (leider, auch gegen England) gespielt zu haben, und scheint am Echten Madrid (einzuleben, obwohl er an seiner Konzentration in Streichhölzern arbeiten muß, erzählen meine Fußballfreunde mir).

    Ich bin von Ihrer Mannschaft, das so begeistert worden, nach Deutschland vorher nie gewesen zu sein, später in diesem Jahr bin ich dabei, eine Besichtigungsreise nach Berlin mit einer Reise zu verbinden, um Ihr Mannschaft-Spiel zu sehen. Vielen Dank dafür, bis ein neues Kapitel in meinem Leben zu öffnen. Gerade nächstes Mal spielen Sie England, gehen Sie einfach auf uns bitte.

    I have deliberately put a few little ‘mistakes’ in there – nothing so he can’t understand what you are saying – but if he suddenly thinks your English is perfect you may have a problem explaining yourself down the line!

  65. Oh wow thanks so much Jon for this – thats great. I will read properly and digest it all later when I leave the office but is your German translation what you put in English above? I presume it is. I believe anything is worth a go – at least he can keep my details in a drawer (or close to his chest you never know!) in case he gets an impuse to contact me (I shall put my email address/mob no/landline of course).

    I will invite you to the wedding of course as I never forget my friends.

  66. Yes, it was 4-1 – I forgot the Matthew Upson goal! And, yes, the German is in four paragraphs because the English above it is in four paragraphs.

    PS. I take it Jürgen (Martina Navratilova) Klinsmann is being the bridesmaid; and, Lothar (Schwarzenegger) Matthäus, the best man!?!

    Make the personal info section CLEAR, but unobstrusive – don’t make it look like that’s what you are trying to convey: Don’t look desperate. If it’s clear enough to read, if he wants to make use of it in any way, he will – if you look desperate the only thing you will do is scare him off.

    So, either:
    a) write it clearly ONCE and be done with it – put your home address on the top left of the envelope (for return purposes) – which will give him your home address; and anything beyond “Happy Birthday” you wish to write, write on writing paper, not on the birthday card (that way he can dsiplay the birthday card without other people reading what you have written) – and, as always, write your address top left of the letter. That gives him your mailing address twice. If all else were to fail right there, if he really wanted to contact you, he would have your mailing address twice, more than enough even for a brainless chicken to be able to contact you. Underneath your address on the letterhead where you put the date putting either your email address or your email address and phone number(s) is getting personal (as in “why are you doing it?”). A way around this is to pre-print your letterhead – make it look like you have pre-printed stationery (so the explanation for your email and phone number(s) is that it’s ALWAYS on your stationery!). That way you put your address, email, phone, mobile in a “professional”-style and he has no reason to question WHY any of that info is there – and then if you want to write the rest of it by hand – go for it!

  67. or
    b) if you have a business card include that – but again, that comes back to the question “why are you doing that?”

    so all in all I’d go with the pre-printed stationery option above – most info and a reason for it being there.

  68. Oh thanks soooo much Jon – I really appreciate a man’s point of view such as yours and I appreciate your help sooo much. I cant thank you enough. And as for the bridesmaid/man of honour,it would be you and Talia… I wouldnt invite you on the honeymoon though – but you could help with the luggage so I guess I could smuggle you in to enjoy the sunshine by the pool. Best wishes lv x

  69. Probably Johnnie & Talia would be better choices.

    Make sure it’s in the post by this Thursday – that gives it two weeks to get there and to get opened on the right day.

  70. Jon – just thought of one last point.. I’ve done all that but how do I put a photo (or more like a print out of my photo) in or on the letter without looking like too much of a fan? Or should I not do that!

    1. If you have access to a colour printer – covert operation at work? – many people have personalized stationery these days which includes a passport-sized photo as part of the address/info section (top centre with address directly below (making it centred rather than placed on left-hand side). This means you’ll have to select a photo that’s a compromise – “business” enough to pass as business stationery photo; “nice”/”personal” enough to be “human” – but would you really include a photo of you in the backyoard at last year’s bbq?

      Doing it this way – as part of the stationery – also gets rid of the question “why is it there?” It’s there because it’s part of your stationery!

    1. I wouldn’t bother – if you’ve addressed it to him (as above) – it will get to him. Marking it “private and confidential” makes it suspicious!

  71. PS did you know he has an “official” twitter page – but hasn’t used it since last July! Perhaps you should persuade him to start tweeting again!

  72. Susan: if you get a facebook “friend request” from a lady you don’t know in the next day or two – but with a familiar sounding name – don’t reject it! It’s just because I don’t have a page of my own to use.

  73. Hi Jon – Thanks for the above. Sod it I just printed out a small passport sized colour pic of me and stapled it to the top of the letter as I couldnt face writing out the letter again after photocopying my pic onto the paper etc – hope that should be ok. Would the ‘friend request’ be from you then? Maybe it would be better to send emails to each other rather than them being on this blog page come to think of it. I heard that our Jogi said his ideal woman to spend an eve with is Cate Blanchett – my heart sank as I look nothing like her (totally the opposite – obviously he loves blondes!) – never mind. Re: Twitter – I havnt put anything in my letter about persuading him to use it as that may sound a bit ‘fan like’. Apart from that I have no idea how to use Twitter to find out if he is back on it or whatever – would love to contact him by that means!

  74. Cate Blanchett?
    What is it with this guy?
    a) he has REALLY weird tastes in women – there is NO comparison between his wife and Cate – one is roly poly of the year; one is a stick insect who makes anorexics look like they’ve been overdoing the black forest gateau!
    b) he’s measuring her on her acting not her looks – in which case, Jogi, go for Judi Dench!
    c) he’s winding everyone up and fibbing to protecy his privacy!

    1. Thanks Jon – thats made me feel better. I agree! But I do guess he likes blondes… but as you say, it doesnt make sense! Also I heard he likes the Lighthouse Family and listens to the group on his iPod – that doesnt make sense either to me (pure elevator music!) but I guess we all have different musical tastes..

    1. Well, it might not be as spy-novelish as “Ritz Hotel, Paris, next Thursday, I’ll be the contact sitting at the corner table wearing the dark suit (ps the table will have a red rose on it)”, but maybe he has manners enough to write and say thank you for card received?

  75. p.s Jon have seen the latest pics of him and his wfe on the Fancy the coach Jogi fb page? Although I guess she is wearing a dress that could flatter a large lady, she is still huge and no match for gorgeous Jogi – still not lost any weight. The only explanation to my mind that she is still so fat and not prepared to look her upmost for her amazing hubby is that she has real problems with her glands! Puzzling!

    1. Perhaps he gets fed up of weight-watching footballers at work all day and is relieved to go home to someone who doesn’t climb on the scales?
      Also, perhaps she has a mensa IQ in the trillions – and that appeals more than her waist size???

  76. ..but there again I can definately see what he sees in his lovely wife Daniela – she obviously has brains, looks and a great personality and is really devoted to him – like he is to her. She seems to have such a lovely personality and obviously a fabulous lady to have kept him happy for 25 years. What a lovely couple they are!

    1. So, what other trains of thought are out there for 2011??? Trip to Germany? Learning the language? It’s still January, so, plans for the year.

  77. I would like maybe a trip to Germany (for a few days) – not sure which town as I’ve never been there before.. any suggestions? I’m saving pennies in my little jar! Maybe I will take German classes next year. Looked into do it this year but I’m stuying other things this year (including Philosopy this Saturday for a taster course).

    1. Cheaper than German classes next year is either a) going to Blackwell’s and buying one of those box sets with a book and 4 CD’s for about 30 pounds and then just playing the CD’s every night when you go out for a walk. This achieves two things: It forces you out for a walk every night – for the duration of the CD, and it makes you listen, without distraction, to the CD. I learned the basics of French, German, Italian and Spanish this way – so when I walked into a classroom I had words and sentences (and confidence) I just needed grammar. b) borrow such book & CD combo’s from the local library if they have them and then go out for a walk every night. The other thing either method achieves is you get a “workout” for free each night!

      Go for the Philosophy! It’s supposed to be a basis for modern-day politics, but as philosophy is rational argument I think the two have lost their connection 🙂 So, the areas of metaphysics and its branches of ontology and cosmology or Logic hold a deeper interest for me than Political Philosophy. But, go explore, there are many branches!

      I read some of the Germanic philosophers in university, but it’s been a while, so, after Immanuel Kant, Hegel, Schelling, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche leading into Freud and his influence on Carl Jung. Ah, they were the days… papers on Adolf Hitler’s formative years using theories of Freud and Jung! Or Germanic music from Hildegard von Bingen to Present day using such-and-such a theory….

    1. Hello, Susan. My name is Meg from L.A. Do you have contact information for Jogi?? I’d like to send him an e-mail. I’m not a stalker, but a big fan. Thanks in advance.

  78. Hi there!!!!

    Why did you guys stop? What happened to the card set to JL on his birthday? Susan, are you there?

      1. Hi Roselyn, Johnnie and All!

        I thought the blog had dropped off really.. you will be pleased to know that to my massive surprise, I received a short email from Jogi’s assistant ‘thanking me for my kind birthday wishes’ and saying he enjoyed his birthday very much. I was very happy to receive it and thought it was so kind of him (and/or his assistant) to acknowledge my reply considering he must have got hundreds or thousands of cards/pressies/birthday wishes. Fabulous. I sent an email back saying if he is in the Hertfordshire area that he is welcome to pop in for a cup of tea anytime!

  79. Hi Johnnie,

    Looks like we will never find out. Too bad, I kind of liked this soap opera:)))) Anyway, he would never give a damm for a fan, wouldn’t be bothered…don’t know…kind of a strange guy no matter how nice he appears to be…I mean…as nice as a german guy can be:))))

    I got to read this way too late but I am still amazed with the lecture given by Jon. Very impressing and sharped mind guy. I hope he reads this.

  80. Hi Susan!!!!!!

    I am soooo glad to hear that!!!! I really am. I just found this blog a few days ago and I read ALL of the comments you guys posted in it. I must confess I had a very good laugh and I was also relieved to know that I am not the only one puzzled by this man. I first noticed him at Euro 2008 and my first thought was “he’s got such a dak skin for a german person” but then I remenbered the large population of turkish pepople in Germany and I thought that could be the case. Other thing that captured my attention was (besides his extremely good sense of fashion and style) the way he loses is temper…I mean…I could expect that kind of reaction from a spanish or italian person because we are so emotional but…a german guy????

    Then WW cup 2010 arrived and when I saw him for the first time on tv I thought “well…the cute guy is back” but I didn’t even know his name. When I finnaly learnt his name I started my search and I was horrified by looking at the pictures when he was young/er, how could you possibly be that handsome when you are 50 and look as frankestein when you were 20ish? He must be investigated by science and yes…cloned:))))))

    As per his wife…well…I think she is just a very lucky woman…damm her:)))))))

    Susan, have you heard from Jon recently???? I mean, apart from this blog you have a way of being in touch with him?

    Best wishes to you all

  81. Hello
    I’m still out here – but I didn’t think any of you guys were. I am so pleased Sue got a response to the card she sent – even if it was only from Jogi’s assistant. How’s Talia’s trip to Ethiopia?

  82. Hello Jon!!!!

    Nice to hear from you. Well, I arrived a litte late but I had a good very good time reading this blog anyway.

    Sue, have you booked your flight o Stuttgart yet? They play there on Aug 10th against Brasil, at the Mercedes Benz Arena. Time is coming. By he way, I forgot to say on my previous msg that I am quite sure JL lives in Munich. I read on a spanish newspaper, during the World cup, that he lives in Schawbing, a very nice area northern (I think) Munich. It narrows down the search a lot, I hope. Besides Munich is a very nice city, worth visiting. Think about it and of course, let us know. Don’t forget any of Jon’s advices regarding the criteria for booking the hotel, etc.

    How is everybody else? Talia? How was Ethiopia?

    1. Wednesday 27 July Hertha Berlin are at home to Real Madrid. Real Madrid now have about 4 of the German team on their first team squad. Any prizes for guessing where the Germany manager will be at 6pm Berlin time that night – if you fancy a night out. Now all you have to do is figure out where he’ll be staying!

      On 17 July the Women’s World Cup final will be played in Frankfurt-am-Main – bet he’ll be at that, too!

      Two “day trips” this month?

  83. How to get from downtown Berlin to Olympiastadion (Hertha Berlin’s ground) is higher up on this blog)

  84. A certain person 26/27 July 2011, or any time in the future when the team is playing in Berlin – there are no national team games scheduled for Berlin for the near future – may stay where the Germany team has stayed in Berlin in the past: The ALMA Schlosshotel im Grunewald. webpage: (you will recognize it from Deutschland ein sommermarchen). At 200 pounds per night for a room it’s a bit pricey to stay in, but it does have a restaurant: restaurant”at” that does afternoon tea 3-6pm daily if you want to be “around” when they should be doing nothing else. 🙂 (Brahms Strasse 10 on a street map)

  85. Good Morning!

    Oh my, I’m quite fascinated by the fact that there are people outside of Germany who have got the hots for Jogi as much as us Germans have 😉 He’s just such a darling… and by the way, it is known here in Germany that Jogi makes sure peronal cards and many letters get answered, he gets many brought home so he can read them 😉 so whatever you wrote him, you can be (almost) sure he read it 😉

      1. Thanks for this, Michelle, what a lovely video too. Must say, very much looking forward to seeing this Germany team in action in 2012, they’re shaping up to be frighteningly good.

  86. Jogi will surely be at the German Cup Final in Berlin on Saturday, May 12 (probably spending the Friday night in town). Not managing a team anyone who “ran-in” to him would run-into a manager “technically” off-duty 😉 A week later, he will still be off duty, but in attendance, I’m guessing, in Munich on Saturday, 19 May for the Champions’ League final (again, probably spending the Friday night in town) 🙂 . On Tuesday, 16 October the German team play Sweden in Berlin, so he will be in town, but “on-duty.” 😦 Again, he will, I’m guessing spend the night before in town (with the players). I think someone in an earlier post posted the name of the hotel near the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

  87. Even better news for English-Jogi fans! The 2013 Champions’ League Final will be played at Wembley which means providing Jogi is still boss of the German team in May 2013 he will be at Wembley on 25 May 2013! (and probably in London the night before!)

  88. Everyone ready to move to Madrid???

    Germany boss Joachim Low tempted by club coaching role
    The 52-year-old has been involved with the national team since 2004, but refused to rule out a return to club duty in the future

    Germany boss Joachim Low admitted that he could be tempted by a club coaching role in the future, but says that he would not do so in his native Germany.

    The 52-year-old has previously coached clubs like Stuttgart and Fenerbahce, but has a contract with the national team that lasts until 2014.

    Low has been touted as a potential successor to Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid, and although he previously stated that he has little interest in the Portuguese’s job, he could be tempted by a similar role in the future.

    “I would not deny that to work as a club coach could be fun. If you ask me today, I’d prefer to move abroad,” he told 11Freunde.

    During Low’s tenure as Germany coach, the national team have reached the final of Euro 2008 and the semi-finals at the 2010 World Cup. Feb 20th

  89. What?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    JL to Madrid?? oh God!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be interesting. I can´t picture him strugling with all the ego storm going on in that club. I am a Real Madrid fan and I used to live in that city but…really…it sounds unnatural. He is so down-to-earth and RM is well know for being like a big window shopping (sort of speak)…well…he might do some good to teh club. I would love to see that but still..we will have to wait until 2014…what a pain!!!!!

    1. Don’t forget 1/2 the German team come from “FC Hollywood” (Bayern Munich) – and Jogi seems to manage them OK! Mourinho said yesterday he wants to stay at RM “for now” – so in another two years if wants to move, and Jogi’s contract is up… who knows???

  90. Thank god I found this blog. I must say Joachim looks so great! I told that to my fiancee and he answer back: what women like about him? I was close to say: ALL ^^ but I just answered : He has a great style. I know his wife is not a top model and that she could look better but, that also shows how much he loves her, they have something good. I´m looking forward too see him on thursday!! And as I expected he looked great during the whole Eurocup until now and I’m very sure he will until the end. Germany to the final! as the winner of course!

  91. The World Cup is back, which means our favorite manager is back! I can’t wait to see Joachim on Monday (and hopefully lifting the cup a month from now)

  92. I’ve read the comments with quite a bit of interest. Like all of the girls here, I’ve fallen for the fabulous Jogi Low. To say he is gorgeous and sexy is the understatement of the year! I couldn’t believe the plethora of YouTube videos of this guy and for a coach!! I don’t get the wife. Now I understand why there are so few photos of her. She’s very unattractive and dresses like a slob. After Germany’s win at WC 2014 I noticed the cameras didn’t pan over the wife if she was there at all. Plenty of camera shots of the WAG’s of the German team. Sorry, but I can’t consider Daniela and Jogi to be equals in any way, shape or form. He can’t find a supermodel girlfriend like a Naomi Campbell perhaps?? My favorite photo of Jogi is the one where he’s smiling while lying down on a hammock. When I saw it, I thought “Oh, yeah, baby……mmmmmmmmm.”

  93. And he lifted the cup!!!!!! I’m so happy for him and I can’t believe I’ve just found this post. I couldn’t agree more, Joachim is a style god!

      1. Jogi Loew is not only a style icon, but his shirts fit perfectly on his toned body. Loved his black shirt and charcoal pants on the final game WC 2014. I saw a photo of him leaning back wearing his signature white shirt and jeans. He couldn’t have looked more sexy. I never thought German men were hot until I laid my eyes on this gorgeous man.

  94. Dear Johnnie, Thanks for this so very entertaining post. I am one of those crazy Jogi’s fans, I love the men. I really enjoyed reading all of the comments. I wonder if those 2 ladies finally arrived in Germany and learned German and met Joachim. I am guessing the infatuation is over and I understand, it is a painful and perhaps fruitless experience.

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