Bona, darling

Moz reissue isn’t such a Drag Some might say: “Oh, not another Morrissey reissue.”  And they would have a point.  This past decade has seen a ridiculous quantity of Moz re-releases, not all of them good quality, ensuring that one of the most loyal fanbases in popular music forks out time and again for material […]

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Ham roll with the changes?

How did I miss this?  Have Ham Sandwich have done a ‘Sugababes’ and changed their entire line-up?  This photo beside the review of their new album White Fox in this morning’s Metro Herald is the first I’ve heard of it.  Either that, or it’s the first published result of a wacky new Hot Press photoshoot, where Podge and […]

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Conspicuous Consumers: Sue Lawley

You know how record shop staff are: bored, indifferent, clockwatching, hate dealing with enquiries or, indeed, any member of the general public.  Well, having celebrities stroll into your shop is easily the highlight of any day/week/ month/ year.  Incredibly famous people have to go to the shops too!  And so it was one day in late 1994 when I was […]

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Coals To Newcastle, balls to Christmas

The starvation diet, the back-of-sofa coin-searching and the redemption of those saved-up bus change tickets now begins in earnest; the best Scots band ever Orange Juice release a 7-disc box set in November.  Full details are here, but the release does, regrettably, mean that several of my family will be receiving only Christmas cards this […]

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Bobby Hebb 1938 – 2010

IHGN mourns the passing of brilliant singer and songwriter Bobby Hebb, who died on Tuesday this week from lung cancer aged 72. Hebb will always be remembered as the writer of ‘Sunny’, one of the happiest songs of all time.  Amongst my favourite versions of this often-covered classic (aside from Hebb’s own) are those by Andy […]

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