Moonbase Alpha, we miss you

I forgot this last year, a happy anniversary to the crew of Moonbase Alpha, who, along with the moon, disappeared from the earth’s orbit due to a ‘massive nuclear explosion’ on this day 11 years ago.  Obviously, we here on Earth have no idea where you are these days but we sincerely hope you’re all right.  […]

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Hot stuff..?

This is how they sell fires and stoves to Corkonians.  Clearly, they believe that sex sells, and there’s no expiry date.  I bet you when Giovanni Trapattoni took over coaching the Irish football squad, he never thought his Italian charms would be exploited in quite this way.  What a role model – Berlusconi, take note.

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Where the lost things are

Where is that other dimension?  Surely not everyone falls off a cliff or circles the plughole of life watching Midsomer Murders before fading from view forever?   This other place sounds more exciting.  Not so much a place to disappear, as a more obscure place to stumble into.  I don’t know anything about it but I’ll […]

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When a McMuffin top will no longer do…

It’s “grow your winter layer” time of year and no one seems more keen to give you a better weather-resistant, wind-cheating midriff than old Burger King.   We’ve covered  American contempt for the concept of  pizza here before, but this vile object really should have anyone with tastebuds and a modicum of self-respect reaching for their sick bags.  […]

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England is (still) not Britain

The arrogance of The English (formerly known as the England football team) and misguided opinion of their own importance continues to show it knows no boundaries or sense of perspective.  Not only have they launched a new and expensive football kit when their popularity is at an all-time low, and even their most stupidly die-hard […]

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Medium rare

I’m not one for giving free advertising to any old spooky crank but I feel it’s my duty to give this chap a little exposure.  Meet John, who’s evidently the Austin Powers of the parapsychological world; he’s not just a psychic medium and clairvoyant, he’s an international psychic medium and clairvoyant.  Just cross his palm with plastic […]

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