A Mammoth Load Of Rubbish

The Elephant Princess.  Seriously, just how unrealistic can a children’s television programme get?  I’ve no problem with the basic premise: that this young, suburban Australian lass, Alexandra Wilson, who’s in a band and dreams of rock stardom, suddenly discovers that she’s Princess of this mystical kingdom called Manjipoor when she’s visited by this lad called […]

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Masterchef – It’s Final Week

“Pointing out the obvious in clichéd soundbites DOESN’T  get hammier than this..!” An army marches on its stomach (and apparently plays hide-and-seek behind the heather too), especially a Scots one, but that’s no excuse for putting the three finalists in charge of their dinner in the open air of the Scottish Highlands, on Masterchef (BBC2) last night.  As […]

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American… Wonder Pests

“The phone/ The phone is ring-ing.” What the hell has happened to Wonder Pets?  Or, more specifically, the UK version?  Any parent who spends their mornings, afternoons and evenings being blasted by the unremitting fire cannon of kaleidoscopic, hyperactive, cacophonous, epileptic programming on Nick Jr knows what an oasis of calm and cuteness Wonder Pets […]

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Thatchers’ Sitcom Just Gets Sillier

It had to happen, really; her mother is one of the most despised politicians in British history, her father was a much-lampooned, anti-socialist businessman  and her brother is a former rally driver, senza sense of direction, who was involved in an alleged coup plot in Equatorial Guinea.  It was only a matter of time before Carol was making controversial […]

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Tony Hart 1925 – 2009

Another founding stone of my love for television passed away last weekend.  Tony Hart, gentleman, artist and one of the most pristine, softly-spoken examples to children’s TV presenters the world over, has left us at the age of 83. I first fell under the spell of this wonderful man in the 1970s, on the slightly bizarre children’s arts programme, Vision On; […]

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