Worst. Santa. Ever.

As if getting old and being stuck in hospital isn’t miserable enough.  You get all the way to the final few years of your life before they break the news to you that not only is Santa not fat, “he”‘s actually a woman.  I mean, surely those well-meaning folk from the Positive Ageing Group could’ve raked […]

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Liverpoo-el literacy “ledgends”

As Liverpoo-el fans who might form part of my friends and family will doubtless agree, I have not gloated once about Fiorentina’s glorious double victory over them in the Champions League group.  And nor will I; I’ll simply celebrate on my own – as Viola fans are a bit thin on the ground ’round my way, […]

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Crazy world, crazy guys

Halloween guises suit some people more than others, but surely none better than Aslan.  The Dublin band “rocked” Trim during the festivities while dressed as a rather convincing  jazz sextet, “accordion” to this photo in the Meath Post.

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Easy Food Recipes of the Month!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a slight weakness for Easy Food magazine, the monthly step-by-tiny-step guide for novices of the fine culinary arts of tin opening, bread browning and kettle operating.  The October ‘Halloween Special’ contains some appropriately horrifying dishes with which you can easily ruin even the most voracious of appetites. But before we get all complicated, let […]

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ICTU-three-four, ICTU-three-four…

Oxymoron alert – there are astonishing signs of progress in the trade union movement, according to this week’s thrilling edition of Industrial Relations News (a.k.a. Workshy Whingers’ & Malingerers’ Time-Wasting Pamphlet).  In a story about a brainstorming session ahead of the next ICTU-led wave of protest campaigns, under the headline ‘Away day’ session as Congress unions plan next move, […]

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Cartoon Cobblers

I’ve often wondered what sort of person, in 2009, goes into Dublin city centre to buy a pair of shoes based on a drawing they’ve seen on the back page of The Irish Times.  You all know the shop, I’m sure.  It’s an impossibly quaint method of advertising, from a time way before such mod cons as […]

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